How To Make A Faraday Cage Out Of A Garbage Can –


A Faraday cage is an enclosure created from conducting material such as steel or copper. When closed, the Faraday cage blocks external static and non-static electric fields.



A Faraday cage will protect sensitive electronic devices from an EMP (electro-magnetic pulse). If they are not protected in a Faraday cage, most electronic devices will be not perform soon after an EMP.


Offered how low-cost and uncomplicated it is to construct a Faraday cage, this is anything that all preppers really should look at performing, so they can guard important electronic devices in the occasion of an EMP.


You do NOT require a ground!!!   Is a steel garbage can a fantastic Faraday cage to guard against EMP and Solar flares? IMHO definitely! I show you how to test a Faraday cage to see if it is actually functioning, how to make a nested Faraday cage and how to prepare the products you place in the Faraday cage.





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