What is Your Media Diet regime?


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We have to be extremely cautious. You know, that is the fascinating point about freedom. Its a unsafe point. We have access to almost every little thing we want. Of course, that does not imply we must do it all! That does not imply we must take it all in.

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Simply because of the obesity epidemic in this nation we now know that what we place in our bodies tends to make a distinction. The meals that we consume can kill us simply because we have such access. We can consume breads, sweets and sugars day and evening and wash it down with soda. Scary ideal? That is diabetes.

What we hardly ever contemplate is the diet regime of our minds. What is your media diet regime? What do you permit into your thoughts day in and day out. If you do not believe this has an have an effect on, you are certainly mistaken. Take into account the 3 places and believe about what you take in on a day-to-day basis.


Although it appears to be moving out, the old guard of speak radio is in difficulty. Nevertheless, it filters via your speakers and into your automobile on a day-to-day basis. What are you listening to on that radio. Is it all hatred? Is it misery and whining? Are there any moments of inspiration and happiness. You will need a tiny balance in the intake. Radio is one thing that is constantly about so we will have to be cautious of it.


Podcasts are a highly effective entertainment medium that can make a large distinction in the selection of data that goes into your head. Even so, you can also discover your way into some dark areas, also. Podcasts about doom or sex day and evening will mutate the way you appear at the planet

Be cautious about the audio that comes from your telephone. Be confident its a balanced diet regime.


Possibly the most powerful of all are the videos that can be levied upon you. You can see something on the online. Even though you can use this video to study good items, you can also use it to sink into depravity.

Its a unsafe planet out there. Feel about your media diet regime!

We have to be very careful. You know, that's the interesting thing about freedom. Its a dangerous thing.
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