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CZ 455 Varmint Tacticool with CZ Rimfire Suppressor

With an outdoors diameter that matches CZ’s 455 Varmint line of rifles, their new Rimfire suppressor is six.9-inches extended and, due to its aluminum physique building and screw-in baffle method, only weighs two.five-ounces. (Pictures: CZ-USA)

Kansas-primarily based CZ-USA announced an expansion to their suppressor line with a new Rimfire model that comes normal with a user-tuneable baffle method.

The new CZ Rimfire suppressor, as its name implies, is developed to be utilized on any rimfire round below .224 in diameter, such as .17 HMR, .22 WMR, and .17 WSM. It can also be utilized with .17 Hornet, .22 Hornet, and five.7x28mm centerfire cartridges.

The two.five-ounce can utilizes a screw-in baffle method which the organization says translates into a lighter weight when compared to competing mono-cores or baffle stacks. Some six.9-inches extended all round with an outdoors diameter of .866-inches, the finish-user can tune the 4 internal baffles for efficiency with distinctive loads and calibers. Notably, the diameter of the new suppressor matches the barrels of CZ’s 455 Varmint series rifles.

Retail on the CZ Rimfire suppressor is $339.

CZ’s suppressor line also involves the Rimfire Integral in each .22LR and .17HMR as properly as the $1200 Ti Reflex series of centerfire rifle cans in calibers up to .338 and the S2 Ti Reflex optimized for the Scorpion EVO III S2 Micro.


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