Why You Really should Ditch Sub-Compact and Carry Mid-Size (VIDEO)


I ditched the single stack sub-compact as my carry gun a couple of years ago, opting for a mid-size Glock 19 to serve as my each day carry pistol. Guests to my social media pages and even variety buddies normally gaze in disbelief that my petite frame can cart such a “big gun,” but basically I obtain the Glock 19 and other mid-size choices far better concealed carry choices for a handful of factors.

1. A bigger, heavier frame grants higher handle


The bigger frame on the Glock 19 offers me far better handle though shooting. (Photo: Jacki Billings/Guns.com)

The thought that a concealed carrier would decide on a heavier, bigger gun to hide away on-physique appears counter to what we’re told about concealed carry, but basically, the bigger heavier frame lends itself to far better general shooting really should the need to have arise. Although we often hope to escape unfavorable circumstances with no the use of our gun, there may well come a time when that is not an alternative. In that situation, creating quick, correct shots on target is important. A bigger, heavier frame far better facilitates that by way of its building.

A mid-size gun introduces a bigger frame and grip location permitting for extra direct, skin make contact with with the gun. The extra skin touching the firearm, the extra handle the shooter has hence, enhancing accuracy and guaranteeing more rapidly adhere to-up shots. Mid-size guns also bring added weight which translates to much less recoil on adhere to-ups.

two. Larger guns present far better concealment


The longer slide assists center the mass of the gun beneath the beltline. (Photo: Jacki Billings/Guns.com)

Once more, it appears counterintuitive that bigger guns offer less difficult concealment. In reality, the longer slide goes a lengthy way to reach a extra concealed firearm. Mid-size guns sport a longer slide which, when holstered in an inside-the-waistband holster, centers the majority of the gun’s mass beneath the beltline. In the end, for the concealer, this equates to a much less floppy really feel and extra stability on the belt. The placement prevents the gun’s grip from rotating away from the physique and produce sharp points that print.

Partnered with a winged, clawed or wedged holster the mid-size guns elevates concealment, in particular for these looking for appendix-inside-the-waistband carry. For micro warriors like myself, the partnership of a clawed AIWB holster, Glock 19 and some minor style tweaks outcome in the ideal concealment day-to-day.

three. Longer slide improves accuracy


The longer sight radius on the Glock 19 models final results in far better accuracy on target. (Photo: Jacki Billings/Guns.com)

Mid-size guns are recognized for obtaining longer slides than sub-compacts. This added length up front delivers a higher sight radius. Sight radius refers to the distance from the front sight to the rear sight and the longest the sight radius, the extra correct the gun. Once more, accuracy is the name of the game when instruction at the variety or really should we ever draw and fire our gun in a self-defense context. Obtaining that longer slide radius far better equips the shooter delivering far better general accuracy, all items viewed as.

four. Mid-size guns bring extra capacity


A midsize gun delivers extra versatility by providing concealers the alternative to leave the spare mag at property. (Photo: Jacki Billings/Guns.com)

Carrying a spare magazine is a strategy I often advocate for even so, often it is just not sensible. Equipped with a mid-size Glock 19, even though, I really feel confident heading out into the globe with 15+1 rounds versus a smaller sized, single stack with only six or seven rounds to give. The Glock 19’s bigger round count delivers extra flexibility which, in turn, opens the door for my clothes choices. With a single stack that versatility is gone, and I’m left with fighting for restricted space on my belt line for that spare magazine.

Carry a Mid-Size Handgun

A mid-size gun, like the Glock 19, delivers extra incentives to shooters than sub-compacts. Supplying far better accuracy, enhanced concealment and a bigger round count I recommend other folks step up to a mid-size carry gun and take it for a whirl.


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