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The .380 is an generally denied round thanks to the advent of slim and trim 9mm pistols. In spite of becoming pushed to the side, .380s nevertheless have their location in the gun planet and in gun owner’s holsters. A strong contender for back-up gun or helpful in conditions in which a micro-compact is a necessity, the .380 pistol proves it is not dead by a extended shot.

Guns.com pulled a couple of .380 pistols from our personal inventory for a swift appear at what tends to make these guns viable concealed carry solutions.

1. Ruger LCP II


The Ruger LCP II adds some snap to shooting, but it is a manageable, slim platform. (Photo: Jacki Billings)

The Ruger LCP II initial popped onto the gun scene in 2016, supplying a a lot-required update to the original LCP design and style. The LCP II builds on its predecessor’s platform but revamps the texturing on the grip. The hammer-fired pistol packs a six+1 capacity into its slim frame, boasting a total weight of 10.six-ounces.

Even though the Ruger LCP II characteristics a compact develop completely created for deep concealment or as a back-up gun, its modest frame comes with disadvantages. The LCP II is a snappy gun when fired. Without having the added weight and paired with a modest frame, the .380 rounds leap out of the gun, causing a bit a lot more recoil that a single could possibly count on. It is not a deal breaker by any signifies but a thing carriers must comprehend in order to much better manage stick to up shots. In addition, it is all black fixed sights make for a hard time seeing targets, specially if you are firing at darker circles or silhouettes.

In spite of its flaws, the Ruger LCP II hits the benchmark of concealment, supplying an ultra-compact model for concealed carriers. The Ruger is priced about $270.

two. Sig P238


The Sig P238 boasts stunning aesthetics with elevated functionality, topping our list as the favourite .380. (Photo: Jacki Billings)

The Sig P238 continues the .380 trend but with a slightly heftier develop. Weighing in at more than 15-ounces, the P238 tops our list as the heaviest micro-compact of the bunch. Featuring a challenging coat anodized stainless steel frame paired with rosewood grips, the Sig brings that 1911 style to the tiny pistol realm.

By far the sweetest shooter out of the bunch, the Sig P238 touts a smooth trigger with crisp uptake. Take this child to the variety and plink all day! The heavier develop mitigates recoil exceptionally, on the other hand, the larger frame does imply a lot more to conceal. Not an concern, on the other hand, as the Sig P238 nevertheless keeps to the micro-compact theory and slips into a holster with ease.

For a gun that turns heads with its appears and functionality, gun owners must head straight for the Sig P238. The Sig P238 gives a cost tag about $600.

three. Glock 42


The Glock 42 keeps to the Glock appear and really feel producing it a good step-down gun for Glock lovers. (Photo: Jacki Billings)

What would a .380 list be without the need of the people’s favourite polymer pistol? Of course, that is the Glock. The Glock 42 brings .380 in a single stack type to these that favor that blocky pistol develop. The G42 delivers a six-round capacity on a 12-ounce frame, putting it mid-variety in terms of weight. This middle location provides the Glock just sufficient heft to mitigate recoil without the need of going overboard.

The G42 utilizes Glock’s familiar sights, which some could possibly favor to trade out for a brighter view. The Glock ditches the fancy aesthetics in favor of simplicity and reliability. For these that currently personal a bigger frame Glock like the 17 or 19, the 42 feels like a organic transition to a smaller sized gun.

Fantastic for shooters who want to preserve it all in the Glock family members, the G42 acts as a strong solution for .380 shooters who want a no muss, no fuss gun that just performs. The Glock 42 retails about $400.

four. Smith &amp Wesson M&ampP Bodyguard


The Smith &amp Wesson M&ampP Bodyguard characteristics a extended, heavy trigger for shooters who favor a lot more heft. (Photo: Jacki Billings)

Finishing out our list is the Smith and Wesson Bodyguard. The Bodyguard sets itself apart from the other styles with its double-action only trigger. The trigger acts as a sort of security inside itself as it is incredibly extended and incredibly heavy. This is not a gun you are going to take and plink with all day. This gun has a goal on the variety and after you have educated, you are a lot more than prepared to retire back into a holster or gun case.

With a six+1 capacity, the Bodyguard felt the smallest out of the models I tested but characteristics a weight in that mid-variety, 12-ounces. Even though its size is on par with the other models, it feels much less ergonomic and its textured grip leaves a lot to be preferred. The sights, like the Ruger’s, are all black which, once more, proves tough to sight targets. The Bodyguard does come equipped with a thumb security for these that want that seek protection though carrying.

The Bodyguard proves a decent gun for carriers seeking to emulate the extended trigger pull of a revolver and these with added security in thoughts. The Bodyguard is priced about $300.

Final Thoughts


.380’s offer you a concealable design and style with an array of characteristics. (Photo: Guns.com)

The .380 platform proves a strong solution for shooters not rather prepared to step up to the 9mm round or these in have to have of a thing a tad smaller sized for concealment. This choice from the Guns.com warehouse gives a variety of guns with attributes to match any gun owners’ requires.


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