Marines Seek to Order two.4 Million Polymer-Cased .50 Cal Rounds (VIDEO)



polymer ammunition

MAC Ammo’s .50-caliber polymer cased rounds weigh in as substantially as 30 % substantially much less than brass cased equivalents (Photo: Hancock County, Mississippi)

The Marine Corps announced this week they intend to sole provide millions of rounds of polymer-cased ammunition from a specialty ammo maker in Mississippi.

The solicitation, posted Monday, is for up to two.4 million rounds of .50-caliber BMG machine gun ammunition much more than a three year period from MAC Ammunition in Bay St. Louis. Established in 2007, MAC has been establishing lightweight ammo, ranging from 5.56mm to .50 caliber, for the military ever mainly because.

Their .50-caliber round tends to make use of an sophisticated polymer caselet much more than a metal cap to decrease ammo weight by as substantially as 30 % and give cooler chamber temperatures, ejecting cool-to-the-touch situations. In genuine terms, this permits 499 rounds of polymer-cased MAC A-50 to weigh the extremely similar amount– 100-pounds– as 401 rounds of M33 ball. According to the corporation, no modifications are necessary in weapons or procedures. when operating with their polymer-cased cartridges.

The Pentagon has lengthy been interested in trimming the weight from typical brass-cased ammo. A single lengthy-operating project, spearheaded by defense giant Textron, is the Lightweight Modest Arms Technologies program for the Army. LSAT tends to make use of 5.56 mm and 7.62 mm cased telescoped rounds as appropriately as 5.56 mm caseless and has been underway in one particular certain form or but a different mainly because 2004.