Federal TSS Turkey Blends Pack Larger Payload, Much less Weight



A 5-round box of the new-for-2019 Federal Premium Blended Heavyweight TSS sits atop the extended further complete turkey choke on the Savage 220 bolt action shotgun. This 1 packs each #eight and #10 shot into the exact same shell. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/Guns.com)

Tungsten shot is dominating the specialty turkey load marketplace. Most makers are now completely on board with the potent, albeit pricey, gobbler loads. Though straight tungsten hits substantially tougher than comparable lead all even though utilizing smaller sized and higher numbers of pellets, Heavyweight TSS rounds take items a step additional. The patterns and killing energy are devastating.

TSS tends to make use of a tungsten alloy with a density 22 % larger than regular tungsten and 56 % higher than lead. Federal Premium stocks TSS loads from 12 gauge on down to the child. 410 bore, growing the variety and energy of each and every chambering.


A cutaway view of Federal Premium’s 3rd Degree shell shows the 3 various shot varieties and sizes packed inside each and every. The premise is to provide a top quality pattern at all distances, from very close to extended variety. (Photo: Vista Outside)

Federal shot shell Item Line Manager Dan Compton explained the physics behind the material’s effectiveness. “An object with larger density will keep its power longer in flight than a much less-dense object,” he mentioned. “In pellets, the enhanced density will extend the lethal variety of the payload. Denser pellets fly farther and penetrate deeper.”

A complete-length FliteControl wad protects the barrel from the further-challenging tungsten pellets. Also, these FliteControl wads basically open from the rear, enabling them to hold tighter patterns downrange and to execute nicely via each ported and regular chokes. A roll crimp and clear card wad holds the buffering material in spot.


Federal Premium’s Heavyweight TSS tends to make use of a tungsten alloy that is a lot more dense than the currently well-liked tungsten loads from other businesses. TSS is accessible in 12, 20, and 410 bores. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/Guns.com)

The new “Blended” Heavyweight loads combine two micro sizes of Tungsten Super Shot in each and every shell.  “This indicates you can drastically raise the pellet count of a payload by utilizing a smaller sized shot size, but penetrate as substantially or a lot more for the reason that of the enhanced density,” Compton mentioned. “Overall patterns densities are enhanced, so there are a lot more hits on the target.”

The proof is in the pudding, or in this case, on the wall. I took down many trophy gobblers at distances from 16 to 53 yards utilizing 20-gauge medicine utilizing each the #7/#9 loads and the #eight/#10 blends. The patterns at 40 yards had been extremely dense and no gobbler took a step. High quality comes at a premium although, with 5 round Blended 20’s boxes retailing for $46.95. As an added bonus, Federal donates a portion of the earnings from each and every box of their turkey loads assistance the National Wild Turkey Federation.

Heavyweight TSS Choices

Although Federal Premium’s Heavyweight TSS has only been about given that 2018, new additions in 2019 have cranked up the lineup to a complete gamut of .410 bore, 20- and 12-gauge turkey thumping rounds.

Heavyweight TSS

  • 12-gauge, three.5”, two-1/4”, 9-shot
  • 12-gauge, three.5”, two-1/4”, 7-shot
  • 12-gauge, 3”, 1-three/4”, 7-shot
  • 20-gauge, 3”, 1-1/two ounce, 9-shot
  • 20-gauge, 3”, 1-1/two ounce, 7-shot
  • 410 bore, 3”, 13/16 ounce, 9-shot

BLENDED Heavyweight TSS

  • 12-gauge, three.5”, two-1/two ounce, #7/#9, 1000 FPS
  • 12-gauge, three.5” two-1/two ounce, #eight/#10, 1000 FPS
  • 20-gauge, 3”, 1-five/eight ounce, #7/#9, 1000 FPS
  • 20-gauge, 3”, 1-five/eight ounce, #eight/#10, 1000 FPS


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