Resurrecting the Bolt Action Shotgun: Savage 220 Turkey (VIDEO)


For a glorious week, I hunted Rio Grande turkeys in the warmth of Texas spring with a Savage 220 Turkey, the company’s initial bolt-action smoothbore shotgun. From the extended added complete turkey choke to the Mossy Oak Obsession camo pattern favored by the National Wild Turkey Federation, the 220 Turkey comes optimized for taking down gobblers.

Whilst bolt-action shotguns are not new, they are somewhat uncommon. The ones that do exist are either missing elements like a magazine or in numerous stages of disrepair. Savage aims to alter that with the 220 – modeled off of the 220 rifled-slug bolt gun – and 212 smoothbore. The only distinction among the two new shotguns is chambering: 220 in 20 gauge and 212 in 12 gauge.

Attributes: Accu Every little thing

Most notably, the new shotguns are equipped with Savage’s Accu systems. That involves AccuFit to customize the length-of-pull and comb as nicely as the AccuStock bedding rails and adjustable AccuTrigger. The AccuFit is likely 1 of the most exceptional attributes of the year. It enables customers to primarily custom match the gun.

With a 22-inch free of charge-floated barrel, the shotguns are a turkey hunter’s dream. The barrel is brief adequate to stay maneuverable in gobbler nation but lengthy adequate to wring the maximum prospective from the loads to place dandy patterns on target. Then, an oversized, virtually tactical-style bolt manage tends to make it effortless to rapidly perform the action in the field when gloved up. Sling studs come typical in a good nod to the sensible hunter who can use an added approach to tote extra gear and dekes.

Savage 220 Turkey

The 220 Turkey tends to make use of the businesses hot new AccuFit stock technique, which enables shooters to match and customize each length of pull and comb height. Each and every hunter in camp, from tall fellas to petite gals, was capable to hunt with the exact same Model 220, but match comfortably to every single in a matter of minutes. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/

Bolt-action rifle hunters will really feel correct at dwelling with these new shotguns constructed about the familiar 110 action. In reality, the free of charge-floated barrel is secured to the receiver working with a Model 110-style locking nut, with the finish aim becoming repeatably correct patterns. A shotgun has under no circumstances been constructed rather like this.

The 220 has a Taste for Federal Premium TSS

The organic partnering with these new Savage bolt action hunting shotguns is, with no a doubt, the Federal Premium Heavyweight TSS turkey loads. The firm says each the 212 and 220 Turkey models are “optimized” for exceptional patterning when firing TSS by way of the incorporated added complete choke.

The Heavyweight loads make use of a tungsten alloy with a density that is 22 % greater than typical tungsten and 56 % higher than lead. In other words, the payload increases but the weight does not.


Federal Premium’s Heavyweight TSS tends to make use of a tungsten alloy that is extra dense than the currently well-liked tungsten loads from other businesses. TSS is out there in 12, 20, and 410 bores. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/

I took down numerous trophy gobblers at distances from 16 to 53 yards working with 20-gauge medicine in each #7/#9 and #eight/#10 blends. Patterns at 40 yards have been extremely dense and no gobbler took a step.  Although I can not advocate swatting at birds at fantastic distance, when the greatest pleasure is having them thundering up close, TSS fired by way of the 220 nevertheless held impressive groups at 60 yards.

Field Impressions

My initial time hunting turkeys with a bolt action shotgun was a pleasurable venture certainly. The 220 Turkey is a simple style with upscale attributes. It might seem overkill to involve an AccuTrigger on a shotgun, but it under no circumstances hurts to have a decent bangswitch on any gun.

Speaking of safeties, the 3-position, tang-mounted slider on the 220 is a win in quite a few methods. Initially, it is ambidextrous-friendly, even even though the bolt is righty only at this time. But second, the 3-position style enables the action to be operated with no placing the gun into fire mode. Finest of all, this is a pretty close-quarters hunting arm, and as is required in such circumstances, the security moves silently.

Savage 220 Turkey

The Savage Model 220 Turkey bolt action smoothbore is a gobbler-precise shotgun, from the Mossy Oak Obsession camo to the added complete extended turkey choke. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/

The polymer dropbox magazine holds two rounds plus 1 in the chamber, ample firepower for gobbler-having. The magazine can be a small difficult to load and then once again to lock up rapidly into the gun. But, when mastered, the approach goes considerably extra smoothly.

The oversized bolt manage is a welcome addition for turkey hunting exactly where gloves are virtually generally the norm for hunters looking for complete camo coverage. A matte black finish on all metalwork is also geared toward the stealthy hunter. The extended choke patterned beautifully, and since the guns make use of the Winchoke thread pattern, getting further tubes will be a breeze.

Savage 220 Turkey

The author with a pair of gobblers taken the exact same Texas afternoon working with the Savage 220 partnered with the Federal Premium TSS 20-gauge Blended ammunition. An Aimpoint Micro H-two red dot and Primos Gobstobber decoys helped seal the deal. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/

A lengthy Picatinny rail atop the receiver indicates there’s ample space for mounting an optic, primarily a must  as no iron sight provisions are incorporated. I located fantastic achievement working with Aimpoint’s Micro H-two red dot. That infant has an even dozen brightness settings and a 2MOA dot size and lit up nicely on gobbler necks at a wide variety of distances. 1 of the hunters place down a accurate double—that is, two gobblers with 1 shot, at 43 yards with the exact same setup and ammunition.

To the Bolt-Action Shotgun, Welcome

If we polled a dozen hardcore turkey hunters, odds are fantastic none would have anticipated to see a bolt action shotgun platform resurrected with such grandeur. It is certainly “gobbler’s beware” when the 212 and 220 hit complete production.

Whilst bolt action shotguns might not appeal to every single hunter, each the basic and sturdy nature of the platform, partnered with the Accu-all the things attributes Savage involves on the smoothbores, make the guns promptly relevant – and  deadly – turkey companions.

MSRP on the 220 Turkey ideas the scales at $695, a steep cost provided the history of bolt action shotguns, but it comes with a laundry list of attributes.


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