Blue Alpha Gear Brings Functionality to EDC with Hybrid Belt


hybrid belt

Blue Alpha Gear’s Hybrid EDC Belt appears to tackle the gun gear market with a an quickly concealable style. (Photo: Jacki Billings/

A relative newcomer to the globe of gun belts, Blue Alpha Gear rapidly proved why gun owners and variety goers should really take notice. The compact small business provides a assortment of belts from concealed carry to variety rigs to duty belts, with the intent of delivering gun owners a strong, effective solution for carrying guns and gear on physique. With a bevy of belt businesses for gun owners to pick, set about reviewing the Hybrid EDC belt.

What sets it apart

The Hybrid EDC aims to meld safety with concealment, providing a reduce profile style for Inside-the-Waistband carry. Working with two layers of 1.five-inch nylon webbing, the material is sewn with each other to develop a sturdy, stiff belt created to hold the weight of a holstered gun and supporting gear. Blue Alpha Gear tops off its creation with a Hybrid Cobra belt.

The initially point of note on the Hybrid EDC Belt centers on that Cobra buckle. A preferred buckle for EDC belts, Blue Alpha Gear’s Cobra sets itself apart with a compact building on the female finish. In the end, this style benefits in the Cobra buckle’s capacity to thread by means of belt loops as an alternative of getting removed and reattached each and every time the belt is donned or removed.

hybrid belt

The Cobra belt buckle can be threaded by means of belt loops and is straightforward to manipulate. (Photo: Jacki Billings/

The Hybrid EDC’s sizing bases itself about the wearer’s pants size. For males, this method comes down to merely being aware of your usual size and applying that. Ladies, sadly, are topic to figuring out their pant size by means of measuring tape as our sizes (, 1, two, three, and so on.) are not the market regular. It is not challenging to perform out, but it does add an added step if you haven’t currently been subjected to figuring out your waist and hip measurements.  Blue Alpha Gear knows that often sizing can be hard on the internet and hence goes the added step of sizing belts to perform a single size up or down from the listed size.

Usually, I put on a size 1 to two in ladies which I figured would translate to a size 30 for the Hybrid EDC Belt. Upon getting the Hybrid EDC Belt, I was pleased to discover it worked for my physique kind nonetheless, I assume I could have managed an even smaller sized size.

Concealed Carry with the Hybrid EDC Belt

The Glock 19, my each and every day carry, is no small gun hence, it is a very good test to find out regardless of whether EDC belts can truly stack up against these bigger CC mid-size firearms. With the G19 in my Dark Star Gear holster, I saddled up with the Hybrid EDC. I carry in the Appendix Inside-the-Waistband position, so possessing a flush, minimalistic belt is important for reaching that concealment on my petite frame. Now, I knew the belt buckle would lead to complications as it often does regardless of belt platform. A buckle placed close to my holster tends to make me appear much more rounded than usual and for that purpose, I normally rotate my belt buckle to a single side so the location about my gun is flat. Even though the Cobra belt buckle on the Hybrid EDC is not unnecessarily significant, it became apparent that the buckle would will need comparable remedy to other belts. Rotating it about to my ideal side, nevertheless quickly accessible for bathroom breaks, the Hybrid EDC worked far better for my AIWB set-up.

hybrid belt

The author conceals a Glock 19 AIWB with the aid of the Hybrid EDC Belt. (Photo: Jacki Billings/

For females, normally instances the struggle with getting a gun belt is sourcing a single that can help gear and gun but does not leave bruises about the hips. Conventional leather belts or ultra-stiff models normally bite into the hip bones, leaving marks and creating concealed carry uncomfortable. The important for a very good EDC belt, in particular for females, is balancing stiffness with flexibility. Blue Alpha Gear gets it. Although the Hybrid delivers a thicker style than my regular EDC belt, a Volund Gearworks Atlas Slim, it completely marries the stiff but pliable best enabling for a comfy carry. Wearing the Hybrid EDC Belt from sun up to sunset, I was pleased to discover no welts or marks at the finish of each and every day of carrying.

Final thoughts

The entire point of the Hybrid EDC Belt is to carry concealed. So, did it reside up to its hype? Yes, yes it did. The Hybrid permitted me to carry all day with the Glock 19 – no concealment complications or concerns. Even far better, its building held the Glock securely in spot with out sagging, bunching or movement. Bringing a total of 4 designs – black, wolf gray, coyote brown and OD green – and a price tag tag beneath $70, the Hybrid EDC Belt completely illustrates why Blue Alpha Gear is riding a wave of recognition. Melding good style attributes with an MSRP beneath $100, the Hybrid EDC Belt is a ought to have for concealed carriers.


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