How to Develop Your Personal Survival Fishing Kit


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A survival fishing kit is about the finest way to get meals into camp. If you have anything you can turn to when you obtain a physique of water, you can make a enormous influence on calories into the physique. 

A survival fishing kit is about the best way to get food into camp.
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This kit can be produced from pretty simple components, PVC, wood, paracord, and a couple of drill holes. Not only does this small gem present you a sturdy backbone to “cast and reel” from it also home all of your tack in one particular spot. You can preserve your hooks, bobbers, lures and a multi-tool right inside the PVC pipe.

The Essentials

  • 1” Threaded PVC Adapter
  • 1” Threaded PVC Cap
  • 1” PVC Pipe Of 10” Length
  • PVC Cement
  • Scrap Wood
  • Paracord
  • A single Smaller Washer


The manage of your rod is going to be produced of the 10 inch PVC pipe, cap, and adapter. This is going to give you an open-ended men and women that has a screw top rated on the bottom. Be confident you cement all the junctions but the cap so you can take that off! You can also drill a couple of holes in the cap if you would like to develop a paracord lanyard. 

Employing some scrap wood you want to develop a tapered and rounded tip for the open finish of your pipe. This is going to be formed and cemented in location. It will aid the line come off improved.

Speaking of the line, you will drill a hole in the top rated of your tapered wooden “rod tip” and threat line into the pipe. Take your tiny washer and tie the line to it so the washer is inside the pipe and your spool of line is operating via the hole on top rated. It will preserve the line anchored inside the kit. 

You can braid paracord more than the manage of your fishing kit and you can fill the pipe with all sorts of fishing gear and perhaps even a multitool! 

A survival fishing kit is about the best way to get food into camp.
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