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Taurus .357 Raging Hunter revolver with stainless frame and black barrel/cylinder

Taurus bills the Raging Hunter series, now readily available in .357, as a “fun and efficient option for quick to medium variety hunting scenarios.” The gun could prove of specific interest to hog and whitetail hunters. (Photographs: Taurus)

Taurus USA announced this week a .357 Magnum expansion to the Raging Hunter line of revolvers aimed at sportsmen who like to take to the field with a wheelgun.

The line was introduced final year in a six-shot .44 Magnum at the NRA Annual Meeting in Dallas. The new seven-shot .357 additions come just in time for the NRA’s upcoming meeting in Indianapolis subsequent week.

Readily available in 3 barrel lengths—8.375-, six.25-, and five.125-inch—the .357 Raging Hunter is a spurred-hammer DA/SA revolver with a sleeved barrel building that utilizes a mixture of porting and a gas-expansion chamber to curb muzzle rise for more rapidly adhere to-up shots.

A completely adjustable rear sight comes regular as does a close to barrel-length integrated Picatinny major rail for optics. With a black cylinder and barrel, the series is provided with a selection of either a matte black or stainless frame. The huge wheelguns come with cushioned insert grips.

The corporation has not released specs or pricing at this time. For comparison, MSRP on the .44 Mag version of the Raging Hunter is $919.

Taurus .357 Raging Hunter revolver with stainless frame and black barrel/cylinder

The .357 seven-shot Raging Hunter comes in eight.375-, six.25-, and five.125-inch barrel lengths and a selection of stainless or matte frames.


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