How To Get Rid Of Ticks In Your Garden


Ticks are becoming a bigger problem the more we are learning about Lyme’s disease and how nasty it can be. We are dealing with growing tick populations near human beings. That is not the fault of ticks or the deer that carry them. 

We are continually moving into these habitats. Of course, there are steps that you can take to deal with tick populations around your home. You have to know a little about these small arachnids but it’s possible to take your land back from them. 

No one likes finding a tick embedded in their skin. 

Let’s look at 3 ways that we can deal with ticks in our yard and garden. 


One of the most important ways to deal with tick populations near your home is to eliminate the habitats that are enjoyed by ticks.

Things like wood piles and tall grasses make all the difference. If you cut those tall grasses you take away a large swath habitat that brings ticks right into your world. 


Not only do you have to be careful about where you go but you also have to be aware of where your dogs go.

If you have dogs that come into your home they could be walking through all sorts of tick-infested areas in your yard. 

The dog will bring the ticks directly to you! Treat your dogs as well as eliminate those habitats in your yard. 


If you’d like to take a more offensive role against the ticks you could recruit the most elite tick eating force available.

With a good coop and a flock of chickens, you will have a team of tick eating birds that you can unleash on the yard. They also make eggs for you.

How To Get Rid Of Ticks In Your Garden -  I found this article I am sharing with you today! It is a great resource for the prevention of tick infestation and has some of the greatest tips I could find on the net.
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