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Keystone Mini Mosin Crate

Keystone, identified for their Crickett single-shot .22LR rifles, has a new Mini Mosin on the way that makes use of the exact same action (Pictures: KSA)

Keystone Sporting Arms has released a lot more data on the scaled down Mosin-Nagant tribute rifle geared for smaller sized statured customers, the KSA 91/30.

Teased because SHOT Show, the company’s new single-shot rifle appears a lot like the common Mosin bolt-action rifle utilized by the Soviets in Planet War II, only smaller sized. This week, the Pennsylvania-primarily based firm has confirmed the model, which is the very first in a series of 5 “Mini Mil-Surp” rifles, makes use of an action primarily based on their well-liked single-shot Crickett design and style.

Even so, the Mini Mosin will have a quantity of nods to its symbolic ancestor to contain a straight-handled bolt, scaled down Russian-style iron sights, and even Soviet arsenal “proof” stamps and markings. The very first run of 500 rifles, set to come to be accessible for pre-order for the duration of the upcoming NRA Annual Meetings in Indianapolis, will ship with a custom military-style wooden crate with matching serial quantity.

Cost on the pre-order is $499 when the common KSA 91/30, sans crate, is set for an MSRP of $399 when it becomes accessible.

Mosin comparison

The Keystone .22LR model makes use of a 20-inch barrel rather than the Soviet M91/30’s 29-inch barrel chambered in 7.62x54R. No word on if KSA will give similarly scaled down bayonets.


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