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A trio of Glocks that have been specially made and shown off at a firearms business trade show two decades ago are headed to auction.

Rock Island has the 3 polymer-framed beauties headed to the gavel at their May well Premier Auction. Element of a restricted run of 10 3-pistol sets, this specific group was displayed at the 2002 SHOT Show by Glock. They have been additional shown off by the Glock Collectors Association at the NRA’s 132nd Annual Meetings &amp Exhibits in Orlando, Florida that year.

Engraved factory Glocks from 2002

The guns, all G19s (why would you engrave something else?) function several levels of custom scroll operate along with factory evening sights and unadorned factory accessories. (Photographs: RIAC)

Estimates run involving $two,000 and $five,500 every single — the guns are becoming auctioned individually — and Ian McCollum points out in the video at the head of the post that they will most most likely go on to be hugely collectible.

Engraved factory Glocks from 2002

You have to admit, you do not see that each and every day.


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