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USA Shooting

USA Shooting appears to raise funds for shooting athletes ahead of the 2020 Olympics. (Photo: USA Shooting)

USA Shooting launched a new initiative aimed at raising funds for athletes competing in events that will in the end lead to the Olympic Games in 2020.

The Raise the Flag Campaign challenges gun enthusiasts to help Olympic shooting athletes on their march to Tokyo, Japan for the 2020 games by means of donations. Till lately, USA Shooting athletes have been accountable for funding their personal trips to Globe Cup matches and events on the other hand, a current vote amongst USA Shooting’s Board of Directors moved to adjust this, putting the onus of funding on the organization itself.

Globe Cup matches enable shooters to earn quotas necessary to qualify for Olympic Games in 2020. USA Shooting mentioned, on typical, the expense to compete in a Globe Cup occasion is about $three,400. With 30 athletes headed to China Tuesday to participate in the Beijing Globe Cup, the total amounts to $102,000 — not such as coaching and group help expenditures.

USA Shooting seeks to raise $200,000 with its Raise the Flag Campaign to additional help its shooters and their target of the Olympic Games. Board Chairman Chad Whittenburg urged 2A advocates to take up the charge and fundraise for America’s athletes.

USA Shooting

USA Shooting appears to raise $200,000 in funds. (Photo: USA Shooting)

“I will not sit back any longer with out undertaking every thing I can to make confident our athletes have the sources they will need to go about raising our flag at international competitors,” Whittenburg explained in a press release. “It is unacceptable to me that we as an organization and shooting sports neighborhood can not rally behind America’s shooting group athletes sufficient to guarantee they can compete overseas as proud members of Group USA with out getting to fund that trip themselves.”

“Our athletes deserve the chance to compete and get much better with out that economic strain weighing more than them. We can do much better for our athletes that represent America and the shooting sports at the highest level and accepting this challenge will enable us to do so and assist us attain our 2020 vision,” Whittenburg continued.

Whittenburg kicked off the initiative by asking all seven USA Shooting Board of Directors to donate to the bring about in addition to 15 USA Shooting employees members.

“Every single dollar raised will go straight to paying for athletes traveling overseas to Globe Cups, Globe Championships and Globe Cup Finals for the remainder of this calendar year to assist us Raise the Flag,” the organization mentioned.

In addition to donations, the Raise the Flag Campaign will also license merchandise and shooting accessories to retailers starting in June. For much more info on how you can assist help USA Shooting’s mission head to the organization’s internet site.


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