5-Gallon Emergency Water Storage Container


The 5-Gallon Blue Water Container from Legacy Premium is the excellent resolution for environment friendly and efficient water storage. Water storage is vital for any emergency preparations, and most survival consultants agree that having no less than 1 gallon of water per day per particular person is important. Every water container will retailer 5 gallons of water, is made of industrial quality, meals grade plastic, and retains gentle out to assist management algae development. Get extra out of your water storage!

Package deal Info

5-gallon Meals Grade Water Tank

Moveable, Stackable Water Field

Straightforward to Fill

(water not included)

Emergency 5-Gallon Water Storage Container

Most hardcore survivalists would inform you that having an amazing plan for water issues greater than meals storage, particularly through the first 72 hours of an emergency. Most of us are accustomed to the large, 55-gallon blue barrels and whereas these barrels have their place, having a transportable emergency water resolution is vital. Every 5-gallon water tank from Legacy is created from heavy-duty food-grade plastic, weighs about 40lbs when full, and has a built-in deal with for simpler transportation. 

Every Blue Water Container holds 5 gallons of water, comes with a vent cap for higher pouring, has a 3/four inch threaded opening, and is made to be stacked. These food-grade containers are blue to restrict gentle from getting into and to manage the outbreak and development of algae in your water. Every container is roughly 15″H x 10″W x 12″D, making it extremely transportable and a small footprint for storage. 

Included within the 10-gallon package is a spigot that simplifies pouring and attaches proper to the supplied cap. With the 20-gallon package, an aquatab water purifying system can also be included, in addition to the spigot. Get your emergency water storage in a greater place with a couple of of those heavy-duty, 5-Gallon Blue Water Containers from Legacy, you will not remorse it!

5-Gallon Emergency Water Tank Advantages ($29.99) –

  • 5-gallon Heavy-duty, Meals Grade Plastic Development
  • Stackable Ribs on Prime, Matching Vents on Backside for easy, efficient Stacking
  • Darkish Blue to manage gentle and forestall Algae development
  • Vent Cap included for smoother pouring
  • 3/four Inch Threaded Opening
  • Constructed-in Deal with for Comfort
  • Weighs roughly 40 lbs when filled with water
  • 15″H x 10″W x 12″D
  • (water not included)

10-Gallon Emergency Water Tank Package ($54.99) –

  • Two 5-Gallon Tanks 
  • Spigot Included

20-Gallon Emergency Water Tank Package ($84.99) – 

  • 4 5-Gallon Tanks
  • Spigot Included
  • Aquatabs Water Purification Package Included 



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