Fight Survival Secrets and techniques Of The MS-13 Gang


Trump stated it himself…

“These aren’t individuals. These are animals. They’ve unfold grotesque bloodshed all through the US.”

He was speaking concerning the infamous MS-13 gang — based in Los Angeles within the 1980s and believed to have as many as 10,000 members within the U.S.

MS-13’s members are identified for his or her distinctive tattoos… and for his or her excessive legal exercise, greatest summed up by the gang’s motto: “Mata, roba, viola, management” (Kill, steal, rape, management).

They’re vicious… they’re organized… they’re feared… they usually’re EFFECTIVE in guaranteeing the survivability of their gang by making it well-known that they’re NOT to be f*cked with!

Whereas I’d by no means elevate the standing of those full wastes of oxygen, there are some vital classes I really feel you want to pay attention to in what you’ll be able to count on from the potential for violence following any form of wide-scale catastrophe, collapse, or different disaster, so and listed here are…

Fight Survival Secrets and techniques Of The MS-13 Gang

Machete Combat Secrets Of MS-13

Fight Survival Secrets and techniques Of The MS-13 Gang

1. Security In Numbers

Gangs band collectively for energy.

In any form of collapse, emergency, or prolonged shutdown of infrastructure, gangs already established may have the benefit (together with legal gangs, motorbike golf equipment, and patriotic “militias”).

On the earth’s most harmful environments, there’s security in numbers… and other people band collectively alongside some tribal or shared line as a way to defend themselves (similar to criminals do in prisons).

You should be sure that, when issues get unhealthy, that you simply’ve bought your individual “tribe” of allies who might help again one another up.

That’s why survival teams are so vital.

2. Undertaking A “Badass Look”

You’ve seen the photographs similar to I’ve.

MS-13 gang members could be noticed instantly by their fierce facial and physique tattoos.

These tattoos present the world round them who they’re… and to worry them.

Now, you aren’t going to expire and get a bunch of Mike Tyson tribal tats in your face… however you don’t must.

You DO have to know find out how to challenge confidence, and to stroll via harmful areas such as you’re conscious of your environment and never a simple goal.

Because the outdated saying goes, “In case you seem like meals, you can be eaten.”

3. Be Ready To Abandon “Humanity”

Trump himself stated it in reference to MS-13: These are animals, they usually need you to consider them that means.

They use that worry to inform you, “Don’t mess with us,” as a result of they understand how quick human beings can flip aggressive.

This isn’t a “gang secret” — it’s merely referred to as survival.

Throughout a latest emergency through which a vacationer cruise ship bought caught with out energy, passengers had been stranded aboard with dwindling sources.

It was solely a matter of days earlier than fights broke out amongst passengers attempting to get to the final of the meals and water whereas frightened vacationers barricaded themselves of their cabins.

You should be ready to defend towards your neighbors and fellow residents, who had been “regular, civilized human beings” earlier than issues bought determined.

4. Know Your Weapons – And How To USE Them…

“Machetes, that’s one in every of their weapons of selection,” former police officer Mark Stephens stated in a Newsweek article about MS-13. “Machetes and weapons, and that’s provided that they need you to die shortly.”

Stephens was speaking about an incident through which MS-13 gang members EXECUTED one in every of their very own members with a machete… to ship a message.

They know simply how highly effective and fearsome the machete is…

… and so do I…

After I was within the army, the machete was MY private back-up weapon, too… particularly in fight.

In fact, simply as with ANY weapon (knife, gun, no matter), it’s solely as efficient as the one that wields it, proper?

I really feel so strongly about this that I spent 3.5 years coaching within the legendary “Gatka” sword-fighting system of the legendary Sikh warriors…

…then one other 2 years fine-tuning our personal “Fight Machete” system, integrating parts of African and Central American machete arts (the place real-world machete combating is extraordinarily widespread!), creating the last word combating system that anybody can grasp in as little as 7 days.

In case you’re severe about bladed weapons for self-defense – particularly the machete – you may wish to take a look at our free survival weapons information you may get right here…

You’ll then get the chance to get superior coaching that exhibits you find out how to expertly wield 2 machetes on the identical time… and a number of attacker strategies which can be easy to coach with and can really make you a badass with any sword or machete.

I believe you’ll be shocked at how briskly you choose it up (and no “face-tats” vital! hahahaha).


What Is Your Go-To “Survival Weapon” If You Can’t/Received’t Use A Gun?

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