Sawyer Premium Extremely 30 Insect Repellent


Weight: 2.5 oz.

This Liposome-based repellent is the latest development in insect repellent know-how. The Liposome base allows the 30% DEET lotion to be very cosmetically interesting and non-greasy, with little to no odor. Lipsomes maintain the DEET in place on the pores and skin and cut back absorption.

Liposomes are used to guard and ship numerous lively elements helpful for our well being and well-being. They’re utilized in medicines, nutritional vitamins, vaccines, and cosmetics. They defend these lively elements by offering a package deal that’s utterly protected to our physique, and that enables the supply to happen over an extended time frame. Liposomes are among the finest methods for Managed Launch.

Extremely 30™ makes use of a liposome managed launch system just like the sooner era of polymer-based managed launch methods (3M Ultrathon® and Sawyer®). The liposome envelops the DEET and slowly time-releases it as wanted, thereby extending the effectiveness of the repellent. Not like polymers, nonetheless, liposomes are a pure compound which is extra snug to the pores and skin and simpler to put on.

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