Seasoned and chopped firewood on the Moot


Along with the stuff we chop into rounds. It is solely normally the odd log that is moist :D

We normally get some pre chopped wooden in for just a few individuals that do not need the effort, seasoned and break up logs are handy and there is normally much less smoke :D

I determine we normally get by way of fantastic Pete, though I’m tempted to get a load of break up stuff only for comfort :D We’ll have all of the wooden we normally do down by the fort we simply must get it off the property now as an alternative of the previous provider. I do not assume we have to give loads of discover, I do know Dave fairly nicely so it ought to be easy.

Ha ha, long run forecast for Wales, you realize higher than that Pete :slap:

Sure, completely, so long as individuals are smart and take care of their fires, hold them small and so on then there is no downside, it is what the Moot is about, that freedom to chill out and have extra freedom within the open air.



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