The 7 Classes of Survival Weapons


Whether or not you’re into martial arts, have a scary ex boyfriend, or need to be ready for the zombie apocalypse, you’ll need to have weapons as a part of your self-defense and survival plan.

Even Jackie Chan and Chuck Norris use weapons of their films, and I doubt you’re pretty much as good along with your toes and fists as they’re.

Many individuals will routinely assume {that a} gun is one of the best survival weapon, however this isn’t at all times the case.

Every weapon has its execs and cons for sure conditions. Take the time to be taught the varieties of weapons so that you will be ready!

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Impression Weapons

impact weapons

Additionally referred to as trauma weapons, these are the oldest varieties of weapons ever utilized by humanity.

The unique affect weapon was most likely only a heavy rock thrown at an attacking animal. Over the centuries, affect weapons have picked up some terrifying modifications, like spiked ends.

Examples of affect weapons embody:

  • Golf equipment/bats
  • Sledgehammer
  • Mace
  • Batons
  • Versatile affect weapons (whips, chains…)

In case you are going into fight towards an unarmed attacker, then an affect weapon will offer you an incredible benefit. For starters, it offers you higher attain so you may hit the attacker earlier than he even will get near you.

Impression weapons may also be used to knock weapons out of an attacker’s fingers.   A serious plus of affect weapons is that they’re simple to make (like these DIY weapons).

Prisoners have been recognized to make them out of rolled up towels with bars of cleaning soap inside. Easy but extremely efficient!

The plain disadvantages of affect weapons is that you simply’ve received to be near your attacker to make use of them. If the attacker has a good longer-range weapon (like a gun), then it gained’t do you a lot good. You’d have to make use of it strategically, akin to hiding from the attacker after which utilizing the weapon to bash his head in.

Throwing/Projectile Weapons

throwing weapons
In case you are being attacked, you need to preserve as a lot distance between you and the attacker as doable, as it will decrease the danger of you getting struck and injured.

Therein lies the benefit of throwing weapons.

There are lots of downsides to those weapons although, like the truth that you’ve received to have good goal, and that you’ll lose your weapon after throwing it (which may imply it results in the attacker’s fingers!).

Examples of throwing weapons embody:

Bladed Weapons

bladed weapons
The primary bladed weapons return so far as the bronze age in 1700 BC. For a whole bunch of years, these have been the weapons of selection all through the world.

Bladed weapons are able to producing debilitating wounds in a short time.

Lengthy bladed weapons, akin to swords, additionally permit you to put a ways between you and the attacker.

One other plus of bladed weapons is that they can be utilized for different functions, akin to chopping up your dinner.

In trendy fight and self protection, bladed weapons have numerous disadvantages. First off, it takes talent and coaching to make use of a sword!

Knives and different brief blades may be useful in a road combat, however you would want to get fortunate and hit a significant organ. In any other case, you aren’t going to debilitate the opponent and might get injured.

I personally would reasonably have a spiked membership than a knife as a weapon!

Examples of bladed weapons embody:

Firearm Weapons

When firearms have been first utilized in fight in concerning the 14th century, it modified historical past. It now turned doable to assault enemies at such a distance that that they had no various however to flee.

Immediately’s firearms have change into so refined that they’ve options like digital goal monitoring and just about limitless rounds.

There are some disadvantages to utilizing firearms as a survival weapon. Other than the plain bureaucratic points like permits and legality, there may be the truth that firearms depend on ammo (which is why ammo will make a priceless survival barter merchandise).

A pistol is just about ineffective when you run out of bullets, except you need to throw it at your attacker.

The loud bang of the firearm may additionally alert others to your location, bringing on much more attackers.

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Explosive Weapons

landmines bosnia
This woods in Bosnia continues to be ridden with landmines, 20+ years after the battle ended.

It solely takes a fundamental data of chemistry to make a bomb, and already we’ve seen quite a few examples of do-it-yourself explosives wreaking havoc.

Essentially the most well-known might be Timothy McVeigh who killed 168 folks and injured over 600 with a truck bomb throughout the Oklahoma Metropolis bombing. And there was Ted Kaczynski, who mailed bombs to universities and airways. In trendy warfare, improvised explosive units (IEDs) are an enormous menace. Within the current Iraq battle, IEDs accounted for 63% of coalition deaths.

The core advantage of utilizing explosive units is which you could injure your enemy with out even having to be there, akin to with landmines or bombs set on timers. However explosive weapons will be extremely unreliable.

Many individuals making an attempt to make do-it-yourself bombs find yourself killing themselves after they by chance go off.

Some examples of explosive weapons embody:

  • Landmines
  • Bombs
  • Grenades
  • Improvised explosive units

Flamethrower Weapons

hairspray lighter self defense
Scene from Buffy the Vampire Slayer the place she makes use of a lighter and hairspray to make a flamethrower

For me, these are the downright scariest varieties of weapons. I’d reasonably be blown up by a bomb than have my pores and skin burned off with a flamethrower!

The primary flamethrower was doubtless utilized by the Greeks on their naval ships. They’d use handheld flame units to burn enemy ships.

It wasn’t till WWI that the fashionable flamethrower got here into fight although. The Germans used flamethrowers in additional than 600 battles.

Flamethrowers have numerous disadvantages, like being very heavy to hold and often requiring groups to function.

They’ll additionally malfunction and trigger damage to the operators.

Flamethrowers have come a great distance although. Trendy flamethrowers can mild targets 160 to 260 away. Troopers can even spray flammable liquid over targets first after which use the flamethrower to set them on fireplace.

Artillery Weapons

artillery weaponArtillery is an enormous class of weapons which incorporates any mounted projectile weapon that isn’t a small arm.

Artillery expertise is consistently being improved upon, to the purpose that civilians are defenseless towards these weapons.

For survival, you possibly can make your individual primitive artillery, like a catapult or improvised cannon, however you’re most likely higher off fleeing when you want artillery!

Examples of artillery embody:

  • Catapults
  • Cannons
  • Mortars
  • Rockets
  • Missiles

Which one weapon would you need when SHTF?

+ Picture credit:

Redneck zombie killing workforce by Mathew Hogan; Discovered on Flickr; CC SA 2.0
No title by John Crider; discovered on Flickr; CC BY NC ND 2.0


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