16 Makes use of of Sticky Pine Sap for Wilderness Survival and Self-Reliance


January 30, 2018

16 Uses of Sticky Pine Sap for Wilderness Survival and Self-Reliance

by Todd Walker

16 Uses of Sticky Pine Sap for Wilderness Survival and Self-Reliance | TheSurvivalSherpa.com

Scavenging sources in a wilderness survival state of affairs can flip up life-saving stuff. That’s why creating a possum mentality is important!

Our ancestors walked our woodlands and discovered to make use of the sources most trendy out of doors fanatic overlook. Important woodland sources appear to be invisible to the fashionable eye. The stuff you’ve bought packed in your woodcraft/bushcraft package or bug out bag are consumable. You’ll finally dissipate that roll of duct tape… or, greater than possible, you forgot to pack it.

Not an issue. Pine bushes produce a sticky substitute with superior advantages!

Studying to determine and use pure sources has gotten me out of many sticky conditions within the woods. Pardon the play on phrases as we discover the various makes use of of this cheesy, amber-colored pine sap I name Jewel of the Woods!

Accumulating Sappy Jewels

Pine bushes secrete resin as a protection to shut wounds from bugs or different forces. The sap offers a protecting layer or sealant over the damage . The sap hardens forming an amber glob which turns darkish in coloration over time. On contemporary wounds, you’ll discover a whitish layer of sap protecting the broken space. With time, giant clumps kind making it simpler to reap.

Harvesting contemporary resin can turn out to be a sticky state of affairs. The more energizing the glob, the extra sticky and pliable. On devoted Jewel of the Woods harvesting journeys, I carry a grub knife, one I don’t thoughts getting lined with resin. To take away sap from my good blades within the woods, I exploit a little bit of Everclear (190 proof) from my flask on a bit of fabric.

For hardened resin, poke a pointy object (grub knife or sharp stick) into the bottom of the glob and pry it free. It’ll break off and fall into your hand or container beneath. That’s if you’ll discover the crystalized kind inside which resembles a phenomenal piece of amber stone.

For hard-to-reach spots excessive in bushes, my pal Joe at Feral Woodcraftshares his intelligent resin harvesting instrument.

Now that you simply’ve gathered a good quantity, what’s this sticky stuff good for?

A.) Self Assist

  • Pine sap properties embody: antiseptic, astringent, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial
  • Deal with wounds – apply it to cuts such as you would tremendous glue. Comply with first-aid protocol for cleansing/flushing first.
  • Cease bleeding – apply a tender glob (warmth if crucial) to assist cease bleeding.
  • Deal with pores and skin rashes and eczema with ointments,tinctures, and salves. For tinctures, use 190 proof Everclear since resin received’t dissolve with watered down alcohols.
  • Chew softer sap straight off the tree like a gum for sore throats and colds. You may pre-make “gum” with these elements: bees-wax, pine sap, and honey.

B.) Glue/Epoxy – Pine Pitch

  • Flip pine resin into pitch sticks. Jamie Burleigh has an incredible tutorial of his methodology on Primitive Methods.
  • Hafting arrowheads, fletching arrows and gluing different primitive instruments and weapons.
  • Waterproof boot seams, canoes, and containers.
  • Patch holes in tents and tarps.
  • Just about any factor you’ll want to glue or patch within the woods, pine pitch is the product.

C.) Candling System

  • Place globs of dried resin in a fatwood torch to increase its burn time.
  • Pitch sticks, described above, can be utilized as a makeshift candles.
  • Soften sap and soak a cotton bandana or rag wrapped round a stick for a torch.
  • Melted or liquid sap poured over a dried mullein stalk works as candle/torch.

Mullein torch

D.) Hearth Craft

  • Hearth is life in a wilderness survival situation. Even on weekend tenting journeys, hearth affords core temperature management, cooking, and sizzling cocoa! Resin is your secret weapon to beginning and protecting a hearth getting in moist circumstances. Anybody who’s used resin-rich fatwood in wet circumstances appreciates its essential function in hearth craft.

  • Resin is very flammable. As soon as lit, you’ll be able to dry marginal tinder and small kindling.

16 Uses of Sticky Pine Sap for Wilderness Survival and Self-Reliance | TheSurvivalSherpa.com

  • Harvest liquid sap right into a container from a contemporary minimize in a pine tree so as to add to a makeshift torch. Safe the container beneath the uncovered bark to gather the sap. Use this liquified sap as torch gasoline.

When you be taught to determine this sticky life-saver, you’ll discover it troublesome to stroll previous a pine tree with out scanning for this Jewel of the Woods!

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