5 Different Weapons for Survival


Image shows a woman dressed in a wedding dress with blood splatter on it, holding and swinging a bloody baseball bat

Clearly, the right weapon for survival—for getting meals and self-defense each—is a firearm. Nevertheless, there’s a finite quantity of ammo out there and even reloading parts ultimately will run out. What ammo stays in a long-term survival situation shall be value a lot greater than what you will have in commerce or companies that having back-up weapons in your survival cache is a great concept.

You possibly can all the time use your knife as a weapon or instrument, identical with an enormous flashlight or rock as a blunt drive weapon. Nevertheless, searching with both of these will take excessive ability, persistence and a complete lot of luck.

In a survival state of affairs, you will want one thing light-weight, simple to make use of and may strike an animal—two-legged or four-legged—inside a secure, efficient and stealthy distance. Even when you have loads of firepower, ammunition and reloading provides, at occasions an alternate weapon could have benefits over a firearm. Many different weapons are quiet, if not downright silent. A firearm will give away your location and in case you are not a talented hunter, will scare off potential sport for those who miss your shot.

This text offers 5 good different weapons for survival.

Modern sling shot with wrist support and sight
Slingshots are probably the most primitive and first recorded weapons utilized in historical past.


Slingshots are probably the most primitive and first recorded weapons utilized in historical past. Historic peoples used slingshots in survival, searching and self-defense. Nevertheless, they had been very totally different from the slingshots of right this moment. The invention of the fashionable slingshots advanced when Charles Goodyear created vulcanized rubber. For the deadliest, handiest slingshot ammo, use metal three-eights or three-fourths shot and don’t overlook to pack substitute bands.


  • Quiet
  • Straightforward to function
  • By no means run out of ammo—rocks, shotgun shot, nails, marbles, glass, fishing weights, or arrows
  • Will kill grouse, squirrel, rabbits, rats, dove, pheasant and quail
  • Light-weight
  • Straightforward to pack and transport


  • Bands break and want changing
  • Requires vital apply to grasp
  • Accuracy
  • Velocity limitations
  • Efficient vary limitations

Attempt these slingshots:

Primitive bow and arrow constructed of birch
You may make your individual primitive longbow and arrows cheaply and from very restricted provides


Scientists have discovered proof of bows used for searching courting way back to 20,000 BC. Individuals used rocks, flint, sinew and feathers to kind arrowheads and assemble bows. The trendy compound bow makes use of a classy system of cables, pulleys and levers making it simpler to make use of, more practical at longer ranges, and extra correct and sooner than conventional lengthy or recurve bows. Derived from the standard bow, the crossbow seems extra as for those who turned the standard bow on its facet and mounted it on a rifle inventory. A crossbow releases its arrow utilizing a set off as an alternative of by hand.


  • Anybody can be taught
  • Reusable “ammo” (arrows)
  • You may make your individual primitive longbow and arrows cheaply and from very restricted provides
  • Quiet
  • Stealthy
  • Correct
  • Will take down small, medium and large-sized sport


Attempt these bows:

Three women, primitively dressed holding long spears
Both thrown or thrust, spears have been utilized in battle and for searching and fishing.


It’s possible that the spear was essentially the most used weapon in historical past. Both thrown orthrust, spears have been utilized in battle in addition to for searching and fishing. Chimpanzees and orangutans have even been recognized to make and use spears to kill their prey.


  • Straightforward to make use of, be taught and make
  • Quiet
  • Efficient
  • Versatility


  • Requires power, ability and apply
  • Vary limitations
  • Accuracy

Attempt these spears:


The axe was initially a handless instrument used to control wooden. Additionally it is one of many world’s oldest weapons. Scientists have discovered proof of hand axes in Africa courting again 1.eight million years. By the 19th century, 300 several types of axe heads had been in manufacturing. The important thing to axe is maintaining the blade sharp!

Woman in a blood-splattered wedding dress holding and swinging a bloody baseball bat
On the final minute, a baseball bat should do. Photograph by Wealthy Johnson.


  • Straightforward to make
  • As a consequence of its stability and weight, it’s simple to be efficient with it
  • Could be thrown
  • Doubles as a instrument
  • Used to slaughter home animals for meals
  • Versatile


Vary limitations

Attempt these axes:

Air Rifles

Black, air rifle with a synthetic stock
177 or .22 caliber air rifles will kill small sport and birds.

Multi-pump or break-barrel air rifles require nothing however air, ammunition and a little bit little bit of manpower to work. Additionally they are typically barely extra correct than CO2 or pneumatic powered rifles. .177 or .22 caliber air rifles will kill small sport and birds.


  • Can take down small sport
  • Cheap in comparison with conventional rifles
  • Ammunition is affordable, light-weight and straightforward to hold
  • Will not be labeled as firearms-no transfers, no background checks, no paperwork, no registration (the place authorized)


  • Laborious to hide
  • Awkward to hold
  • Noisy

Attempt these air rifles:

In fact, as final minute, final ditch objects, you’ll be able to all the time use something sharp—a machete, shard of glass, a dagger, a tactical pen and even one thing that can trigger blunt drive trauma akin to a rock, baseball bat or D-cell Maglite.

What’s in your survival weapons cache? Inform us what they’re and why within the feedback part.



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