Feeding Your Bees- When Do You Want To Feed Them?


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All the pieces You Want To Know About When To Feed Your Bees

While you hear of individuals feeding bees it’s possible you’ll suppose they’ve taken this beekeeping a step too far. Like individuals who make clothes and pants for his or her chickens. Nonetheless, honey bees want our assist at totally different instances all year long. Study all of the dos and don’ts about when to feed your bees and nectar movement on this article.

Why You Want To Feed The Bees

Whether or not you’re a beekeeper or not, all of us can assist the honey bee colonies. The forest is being destroyed and the bees pure habitat are being tainted with poisonous chemical substances and sprays. Properties and condos are standing the place wildflowers and bushes used to. I’m not blaming progress or people, merely stating the info. If we’re to maintain bees round, all of us have to pitch in and assist.

If you want to be taught extra about beekeeping, we encourage you to learn our article Beekeeping and Bee Provides on a Price range. 

What Do Bees Eat?

A honeybees weight-reduction plan encompass water, nectar, pollen, royal jelly, and honey. Bees use water and nectar to supply honey, their most important meals supply. Bees can’t make honey with out nectar or water. With out vegetation? No Nectar. No Nectar means no honey. Lack of honey means no honey bees. I’m undecided about you however I don’t wish to reside in a time the place bees don’t exist.

How Do Crops Produce Nectar?

From The Morgridge Institute of Analysis

Not all vegetation produce nectar, solely vegetation which might be visited by animal-type pollinators. Crops which might be wind pollinated, for instance, is not going to produce nectar.

You want a flower to make nectar, and people vegetation that do produce nectar will produce it so long as their flowers are open.

Some vegetation are hermaphroditic, which means they’re each female and male. These vegetation have a tendency to supply nectar day-after-day.

Different vegetation will open as a male first, then turn into feminine. The flowers will change gender over time, and the quantity of nectar produced day-after-day may change due to that.

When the nectar is depleted, the plant will make extra however it takes a while.

Nectar is made as a reward for pollinators. They want the vegetation with a view to survive as a result of it’s their meals supply, how they get their sugar. We have to preserve these vegetation so we will preserve the pollinators.

Pollination is so essential. One thing like 80% of flowering vegetation require some type of pollination, whether or not bugs or animals for pollination. The most important pollinators, particularly within the temperate areas, are bees.

In agriculture, bees play a really massive position. Many of the greens, fruits, and oil or hay producing crops like canola and alfalfa require bugs for seed manufacturing.

What Is A Nectar Stream?

Nectar movement can be known as a honey movement as a result of it’s the time of 12 months that bees are producing a whole lot of honey. Most skilled beekeepers or beekeepers associations will be capable to inform you when the native nectar movement is to your space. The primary honey or nectar flows will final a number of weeks when a lot of the flowers are in bloom. That’s the reason spring is the primary honey harvest time for beekeepers adopted by fall. Climate can tremendously have an effect on nectar movement, particularly should you’ve had a whole lot of rain. As an alternative of 1 enormous rush of nectar movement, it might be an extended and sluggish trickle.

The native nectar movement is one other essential factor so as to add to your bee journal. Observe what’s in bloom and write down what month is it and the way lengthy the flowers are in bloom. Pay attention to all of the totally different flowers which might be in bloom throughout every season and should you extracted honey, what it style like. You’ll discover how the totally different flowers taste your honey.

What It Takes To Make Honey

Get able to have your thoughts blown. As customers of honey, until we grew up beekeeping, I’m positive we’ve by no means even considered what it takes to make honey.

Do you know that one bee solely produces about 1/12 a teaspoon of honey throughout their lifetime? It takes roughly 770 bees to make one pound of honey and they should fly over 50,000 miles to gather nectar. MIND BLOWN! While you find out about how exhausting bees should work and what number of it takes to supply only one pound of honey, you’ll by no means take a look at honey the identical method once more.

When To Feed The Bees

Bees feed on nectar and pollen from vegetation. No nectar? No meals. Many issues have an effect on the nectar movement equivalent to rain, drought, chilly, warmth, and even fertilizers.

To search out out when the nectar movement is in your space, you’ll be able to contact your native county extension workplace, beekeepers affiliation, or grasp gardeners affiliation.

Throughout The Wet Season

Through the season while you see blooming flowers all over the place in early spring or summer season, doesn’t essentially imply there’s a nectar movement. Rain will cut back a vegetation nectar movement which can take a number of days for the vegetation to get well. In addition to wash away the vegetation’ pollen.

Along with the rain washing away pollen and watering down the nectar, bees don’t forage for meals within the rain.

When you’re experiencing a wet season, it doesn’t matter what time of 12 months, it’s best to present your bees with some bee meals in order that they don’t go hungry.

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Summer time Bee Forage

One would suppose that there’s a lot for bees to feed on through the summer season. Nonetheless, typically warmth, drought, and different parts can cut back the nectar movement and supply for bees meals. Regulate the flowers. In case your backyard has gone to fruit and is now not has blooming flowers or the bushes have misplaced their flowers, likelihood is the bees are having a tough time discovering nectar and it’s essential be feeding the bees.

Bee Meals In The Fall

Fall is normally the bees final to gather nectar earlier than the lengthy winter months. Many beekeepers harvest honey within the fall for the reason that bees have forages all summer season and usually have a surplus. Personally, I let my bees preserve all their fall honey si they’ve sufficient meals to final the winter.

Very like Spring and Summer time, should you expertise dangerous climate with misplaced of rain or an early frost and there’s nothing for the bees to forage on, you will want to feed them in order that they don’t devour all of their winter shops.

Winter Feeding

Winter is the most important time of the 12 months when bees can starve to dying. Not often is there something to forage on through the winter and the temperatures are too chilly for the bees to depart their hive.

If the colony failed to gather sufficient honey shops for the winter, there wasn’t sufficient forage, the winter was too lengthy, or they consumed an excessive amount of for one purpose or one other, they may die.

It’s important to the survival of your hive that they’ve sufficient honey shops to final the winter or supplemental feed from you.

Varieties Of Feeders For Beehives

Relying on the kind of beehive you’ve and your temperatures through the winter will dictate the kind of feeder you want to your bees. We use a entrance jar feeder as a result of our temps don’t drop too low.

These with colder climates will need hive prime feeders. You’ll be able to enclose the feeder in your hive to stop the chilly from getting into the hive. One that matches within the prime of your beehive. One other feeder accessible for hives with colder climates is body feeders and slide between your frames. You’ll take away a few of your prime bars and insert the body feeder so bees can entry it through the winter.

Different Occasions You Want To Feed Your Bees

Along with the local weather affecting nectar movement, there are different instances your hive will want supplemental meals to make sure their survival.

New Bees

If you’re new to beekeeping and ordered a pack of bees or a nuc, you will want to feed your new bees till they get established and there’s a heavy nectar movement.

Since most bees are bought within the spring, proper when the flowers are in bloom, it is strongly recommended you feed your new bees at the least for 2 weeks. When you’ve confirmed there may be an ample provide of nectar in your space (see when to feed bees above), you’ll be able to cut back their feeding so they may forage on their very own.


it’s pure for bees to swarm within the spring or when their colony will get overpopulated. When this occurs, half of the colony will go away the hive. Half of the colony leaving signifies that half of the foragers are gone. When your hive swarms, you will need to supply the remaining members of your hive meals till they’ll construct their numbers up once more and change their misplaced foragers.

What To Feed Your Honeybees?

Nature is at all times finest in relation to feeding bees or different species. Bees devour honey as their most important weight-reduction plan. Some beekeepers suggest feeding bees sugar water or sugar syrup, however I desire to feed honey, their pure meals supply, moderately than feeding sugar.

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