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Machetes are versatile chopping and slicing instruments which have been used for hundreds of years as efficient bush and plant clearing implements, in addition to brutal weapons in fight. There isn’t any single origin story for the machete, given the numerous numerous varieties they arrive in all over the world. Moreover, even inside a selected kind of machete, there are lots of variations by way of their building, options and functions – this will make it robust to single out the most effective machete for private use, even for somebody with appreciable expertise in knives and swords.

Outside survival being my interest, I’ve assembled a information that can train you all in regards to the totally different machetes accessible as we speak, together with evaluations for example what to search for in machetes for numerous functions.

 Finest 5 Machete Comparisons

Is a Machete a Knife or a Sword?

What’s a machete – is it a extremely massive knife, or a extremely small sword? This query, usually requested by those that see this device for the primary time, has no concrete reply.


Bigger machetes (18’’ or extra) can undoubtedly classify as correct swords, after which there are these as small as 10’’ too – they’ll comfortably match into the knife class. Nonetheless, most machetes tread a center floor between these excessive lengths, therefore their distinctive designation.

Maybe another excuse for machetes being considered totally different from knifes and swords is their performance: they’re primarily designed to cut and slash via thick, robust materials – whereas knives and swords are used for slicing / slicing / piercing functions. On this regard, a machete resembles a hatchet (a small ax)!

Suffice to say, a machete is a novel device in its personal proper, and doesn’t have to be referred to as a sword or a knife to finish its identification.

Machete vs. Hatchet



It’s possible you’ll marvel why you want a machete to chop via plant development when a hatchet suits the invoice simply nice: the reply lies within the machete’s means to clear bush and branches with lesser effort. Certain, a hatchet will help you ship extra highly effective strokes, however it is going to additionally get you drained loads faster. A machete is designed for steady, (comparatively) low energy strokes, so it is going to serve you higher for trailblazing / bush clearing functions.

As an analogy, consider how fashionable bikes have gears that make it straightforward so that you can trip uphill – you shift to a better gear, certain you’ll want to pedal much more, however the effort required for every pedal is drastically decreased, so that you don’t tire out half method up the slope!

How can a Machete be Helpful?

Machetes are extraordinarily versatile instruments, listed below are their most outstanding makes use of:

clearing vegetation


The comparatively thick, lengthy blades of most machete fashions lend themselves to bush clearing / wooden slicing functions remarkably properly.



Machetes have a protracted historical past of fight use – their blade power and thickness is designed to cut via robust supplies – which might and have included human and animal flesh and bone. Some even have pointed suggestions for piercing and stabbing! Machetes have been most popular melee weapons of primitive tribesmen, revolutionaries and even fashionable troopers on as we speak’s frontlines. Maybe essentially the most well-known software of the machete in fight is that of the kukri in Nepal, by Gurkha troops.



While you’re out within the woods, devices received’t get you far – however a sturdy, dependable blade will, and the machete suits the invoice completely, whether or not you employ it to chop your method via bush and tree development, minimize up items of rope, or chop up firewood.

To sum up, the machete is a multi-purpose device that any critical outside adventurer received’t be caught useless with out: hatchets, daggers, axes and swords could also be good, however they’ll’t serve your whole survival wants concurrently the best way a accurately chosen machete can.

Forms of Machetes

As I’ve already acknowledged, machetes are available dozens of sorts – every has developed in a unique area and/or for a unique function. The nice factor is that the majority machetes will match different makes use of moreover the one they’re meant for, however some conditions require the contact of an ace, versus a jack of all trades, so it’s higher to know your sorts:

Weighted Machete


This powerhouse of a machete has a ahead weighted blade profile, making it perfect for chopping up dense, robust vegetation. It bears a reasonably flat edge and blunt tip, since it’s meant for chopping, versus a curve that’s appropriate for slicing. It resembles an ax in its performance.

Bolo machete


A well-liked South East Asian device identified for its enhanced thickness, which supplies it higher chopping energy. It’s comparatively compact in design, and perfect for slicing and chopping functions.

Bush machete


Bearing a typical straight-backed blade, this basic function machete has an evenly distributed weight, and is sort of stout. It’s moveable, and its design lets it’s simply carried round in a sheath. It’s also typically referred to as a Latin machete.

Barong machete


The barong’s blade has a definite leaf-like form, and it’s sharpened solely on certainly one of its sides, as per conference. It’s a customary weapon of the Philippine folks, and gained a fearsome status among the many European settlers it was used towards. In addition to being an ideal utility blade, it’s employed in numerous Philippine martial arts.

Panga Machete


A famend blade from the Caribbean and Africa, it has a deep, curved stomach that offers it ample heft for chopping in addition to curvature for slicing. It ends in an upturned, pointed tip that makes it a great piercer too.

Tapanga Machete


This machete has a novel weighted, backwards going tip; a flat innovative for regular utilization; and a front-weighted edge for chopping. It’s fashionable in African areas.

Colima Machete


This machete is exclusive in that each its edges are sharpened, making it perfect for clearing massive expanses of plant development with each forehand and backhand swings. The weighted again edge enhances the ability of the again stroke.

Cane Machete


Its extensive, blunt tip makes it perfect for hacking at sugarcane and corn stalks. It has a skinny blade to make slicing up cane-like crops a breeze. It’s also accessible in a cleaver-like fashion that’s nice for chopping up bones in addition to dense plant development.

Spear- level Machete


This machete ends in a pointed tip, making it appropriate for stabbing / piercing in fight.

Billhook Machete


This historical European machete’s curved blade profile is designed to cut round curved plant development e.g. tree trunks / branches. It was historically used to strip buds and aspect shoots from plant branches, however the curved blade additionally makes it an ideal bramble and vine cutter. Gardeners have used it to construct and keep hedges, and it has been employed for the needs of coppicing and managing woodlot by charcoal makers too. Its design has most not too long ago been applied within the Woodman’s Pal machete.

Tanto Machete


This Japanese designed device ends in a strengthened, pointed tip meant to pierce via armor.

Bowie Machete


Incorporating the design of the well-known Bowie knife (first launched by Jim Bow, the legendary American pioneer), it has a skinner tip that helps to pores and skin animals after a hunt. Most popular by outdoorsmen and survivalists in North America.

Golok Machete


Also called parang machetes, they’ve a uniquely curved form through which each their edge and backbone are curved, much like a scimitar. Their blades are comparatively lengthy and thick, and should both be evenly weighted or barely ahead weighted. These instruments are nice for slicing clear via woody supplies.

Kukri Machete


The kukri is among the most spectacular machetes round – originating (no less than in its current type) in Nepal the place it has loved a army, agricultural and symbolic significance; its blade has a large center for chopping, a pointed tip for stabbing, and a slim base for carving / whittling.

Options to Think about in a Machete

Relying on the kind of functions you need a machete for, you’ll want to think about sure options:

Blade Size


Machetes range an ideal deal in size, going from brief and stocky 10’’ blades to double-handed 28’’ variations. Keep in mind that the longer the blade of the machete will get, the extra energy it is going to ship, on the expense of added weight and decreased portability. Shorter blades, on the opposite, are simpler to hold round, however received’t give you the sort of swing energy and chopping size as an extended blade.

Blade Materials


Machetes are usually fabricated from both carbon metal or stainless-steel, with a hybrid excessive carbon stainless-steel being a latest third selection.

Carbon metal is a troublesome, comparatively rigid materials that gives glorious edge retention however rusts simply and is hard to re-sharpen. It’s nice for conditions the place you’re anticipating to make repeated heavy blows within the subject.

Stainless-steel, however, is extra suited to softer functions, because it loses its edge rapidly. Nonetheless, it’s a lot simpler to re-sharpen, and doesn’t rust for a very long time.

Excessive carbon stainless-steel combines the rust resistant capabilities of stainless-steel, and the toughness of carbon metal – the result’s a comparatively springy, but formidably robust blade materials – the draw back is that it’s pricier than the opposite two.

Blade Thickness


Machete blades are inclined to have thicker spines in comparison with different weapons, to offer them extra energy for chopping and slicing via thick wooden / vegetation / flesh and bones. For illustration functions, 2mm blades are nice for slicing via mild grass and comparatively skinny bushes – to chop constantly via thicker, more durable materials although, you’ll want a machete no less than 1 / 4 inch thick in its backbone. Moreover, a ahead weighted blade design will give the machete a chopping functionality similar to an ax, by higher distributing the ability of your stroke.

Deal with


Machete handles will be made out of wooden, plastic, material, rubber, metal and even bone – purists could also be OK with these conventional handles, however a tactician will all the time advocate the one which offers the most effective hand grip. In that regard, micarta handles are a sound wager, though they’re expensive, they’ll present you a snug grip 12 months in and 12 months out.

Additionally, attempt to search for a machete whose deal with has a quillon / knuckle-guard, in addition to a lanyard gap to create a 550 cable wrist loop. The previous will shield you from the blows / parries of an opponent’s blade, and the latter will decrease unintended hand-slip incidents.



The tang is the a part of the machete blade that goes into its deal with and will get locked / riveted into place, to make the blade and the deal with a single, fastened unit. All first rate machetes could have a full tang – which implies that the tang will come out of the again of the deal with, leading to glorious general integrity.

Selecting the Proper Machete for Your self


Now that you just’re schooled within the functions, sorts and options of machetes, it’s time to inform you the massive secret (which you’ll have already got found out): there isn’t a single finest machete on this planet that fits everybody.

To reply the query of what’s the finest machete for you, you’ll want to take into account the next issues:

What’s going to You Use it for?


I’ve described the functions of a machete above, and based mostly on which of these you plan, you’ll have to choose the proper kind of machete, with appropriate options. As an example, in case you plan to chop massive expanses of grass / bush, a thinner machete with an extended blade will do you simply nice – however if you wish to chop up some wooden / bone, you’ll in all probability want one with a ahead weighted blade designed for chopping.

Which Conditions will You Use it in?



Relying on whether or not you’re in a dense jungle, or a barren desert, or someplace in between, you’ll want a machete that may simply take care of the kind of vegetation that grows there – as an example, the billhook machete can be an ideal device in a rain forest. In fight eventualities, you’d need a kukri machete if it was heavy, hand-to-hand sparring, or a tanto machete if it was tactical self-defense. For survival conditions, a wonderful candidate can be the Bowie machete, with its skinner tip, that’ll help you in skinning the sport you hunted.

How Heavy a Blade are you able to Deal with?


Machetes are cumbersome instruments – even in case you’re used to carrying and utilizing knives within the subject, a kukri or cane machete can nonetheless tire you out if used constantly. Based mostly on the power of your wielding arm, you’ll have to determine upon the size and thickness of the blade.

How Expert are You at Wielding a Machete?


Novices might require security options comparable to a rubberized grip, a lanyard gap and a quillon / knuckle guard, in an effort to maintain them from hurting themselves (or others) unintentionally.

Pricing and Guarantee


Most machetes are comparatively low cost instruments – given their simplistic building, which is why you may simply discover dependable fashions within the $20 to $30 value vary. Fancy fashions, with further security options, complimentary objects, and higher aesthetic enchantment, can be found at greater costs, going $70 and above. I’d advocate you to choose one thing within the $30 to $70 bracket, since it is going to usually have good workmanship and glorious efficiency.


Additionally, attempt to get a product that comes with a guaranty – you by no means know when a design flaw in your chosen machete ends in a breakdown, so it’s higher to offer it a number of swings in your yard to check its sturdiness and power, earlier than taking it within the subject. If it does develop nicks / notches simply, you’ll be glad you bought the guarantee.

Prime 5 Machete Opinions

Condor Tool and Knife 14-Inch Golok Machete with Leather Sheath

Condor Device and Knife 14-Inch Golok Machete with Leather-based Sheath

  • Golok
  • 14 blade size
  • 1075 excessive carbon metal with epoxy black powder coating
  • Hardwood with gentle pads
  • Alternative/refund coverage after inspection
  • Lanyard gap

Examine The Value

With its 1075 excessive carbon metal blade building, and a top quality, trendy hardwood deal with with replaceable gentle pads, this machete screams of excessive manufacturing values at first look.

The 13’’ excessive carbon metal blade is coated with epoxy black powder to reduce rusting, and has a imply, sturdy edge in addition to a thick backbone, appropriate for slicing via thick timber, crops and even items of steel, with its highly effective strokes.

The machete has a full tang, which implies you may rely on it to climate heavy blows day in and time out with out it’s made out of thick, excessive finish leather-based, with a belt loop riveted on, offering glorious utility within the subject.

A difficulty I got here throughout is with the hardwood deal with – it does look good, however it’s formed in a fashion that may very well be a bit awkward for some. On prime of that, it isn’t sanded correctly so you may’t get a great grip on it simply. Nonetheless, you may string some 550 twine via its lanyard gap to go round your wrist, as an additional precaution that the machete doesn’t slip out of your hand throughout intense utilization.

You may additionally discover that the load distribution takes time to get used to, because it isn’t ahead weighted – nonetheless, it does lend itself properly to chopping heavy plant development.

There have been complaints in regards to the unsatisfactory sharpness of the blade out-of-the-box, in addition to a number of about surprising nicking, which suggests so-so high quality management on a part of the producer – which is shocking given their German origins. All in all, this blade is nice for clearing dense vegetation and chopping robust picket materials at a farm / backyard / yard, however I wouldn’t advocate it as a lone survival device.


  • 1075 excessive carbon metal, thick backbone and first rate size guarantee highly effective chopping strokes.
  • Aesthetically interesting building, with epoxy end and hardwood deal with.
  • Alternative / refund coverage.


  • Awkward deal with building.
  • Inconsistent construct high quality.

Gerber Bear Grylls Parang Machete

Gerber Bear Grylls Parang Machete

  • Parang
  • 13.5 blade size | 1/eighth blade thickness
  • Excessive carbon metal
  • Textured rubber
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Lanyard gap + cable, survival guidebook, nylon sheath

Examine The Value

Endorsed by well-known survival adventurer Bear Grylls, the Gerber Bear Grylls Parang Machete is made for tropical jungle survival conditions. It’s high quality assured for withstanding the hardest of punishments in harsh circumstances, and is backed by a lifetime guarantee.

The 1/8’’ thick, angled blade, composed of strong excessive carbon metal and possessing a 13.5’’ size, works nice for clearing each limb and brush, no matter crosses your path within the jungle, whereas additionally resisting corrosion and being straightforward to sharpen. That is helpful, given how the moisture in a dense jungle can act on common metal. Nonetheless, this blade isn’t sturdy sufficient to cut via thick wooden, as a number of customers have indicated, so you must keep on with one thing else for that software, until you completely can’t.

The blade meets the deal with in a full tang, guaranteeing a agency general construction; the rubberized textured rubber grip is ideal for extended use in sweaty circumstances. A lanyard twine is tied into the deal with – this offers further safety when there’s a danger of the blade slipping from our hand. It’s a noteworthy function given how most producers solely go away a lanyard gap on the deal with, leaving it as much as you to get some 550 twine to enter the outlet.

The nylon sheath this machete comes with is light-weight, however has a extremely poor construct high quality, making it downright harmful because the sharp edge can minimize proper via its stitches. There have additionally been some points with dullness straight out of the field, so you will have to sharpen yours for the primary time.


  • Low-cost and efficient towards dense jungle vegetation.
  • Straightforward to sharpen.
  • In-built lanyard gap and cable.
  • Rubberized deal with offers glorious grip.


  • Blade received’t work towards thick picket branches.
  • Sheath high quality is poor.

Cold Steel Jungle Machete

Chilly Metal Jungle Machete

  • Jungle
  • 16 blade size/ 0.110236 blade thickness
  • 1055 carbon metal
  • Polypropylene plastic
  • 30 day restore / alternative coverage
  • Lanyard gap, cor-ex sheath

Examine The Value

This machete bears a remarkably hardy 16’’ blade, made out of proper 1055 carbon metal and sporting a weight ahead distribution that allows it to cut its method via brush, saplings, vines and even comparatively thick wooden.

The blade ends in a piercing tip that makes it nice for skinning and slashing, and may also double up as a makeshift survival weapon. Bear in mind although that the cumbersome weight of the blade implies that it received’t be as efficient at slicing via skinny grass, as it will be at clearing dense plant development.

The deal with and blade are mixed by the use of a full tang, guaranteeing glorious structural assist. The plastic deal with does take some getting used to, particularly contemplating the ahead weighted blade configuration, and it tends to slide when your fingers get sweaty – however that may be remedied by making a 550 twine loop via the lanyard gap it comes with, to go round your wrist as a security.

The sheath this machete comes with is not more than a present merchandise, and also you’d be higher off changing it with an aftermarket model. Additionally, a number of customers have complained about blade dullness, which may very well be a results of inconsistent QA. Given its means to chop via thick forest vegetation and function a short lived melee weapon, I’d advocate this as a completely dependable woodland survival device – simply don’t anticipate to trim mild plant development with it.


  • Blade size, materials and weight configuration make it a wonderful heavy chopper.
  • Piercing blade tip allows use as a slashing / stabbing / skinning device.
  • Commendable sturdiness.
  • Low-cost.


  • Considerably awkward deal with design.
  • Sheath is merely for present, in any other case impractical.

SOG Specialty Knives & Tools MC04-N SOGfari Machete Tanto 10 Inch Dual Steel Striaght Edge and Saw Blade with Kraton Handle, Black Powder Coated Finish

SOG Specialty Knives & Instruments MC04-N SOGfari Machete Tanto 10 Inch Twin Metal Striaght Edge and Noticed Blade with Kraton Deal with, Black Powder Coated End

  • Tanto
  • 10 blade size | 0.09 blade thickness
  • 3CR13 stainless-steel
  • Rubber
  • Restricted lifetime guarantee
  • Lanyard holes, saw-back

Examine The Value

The SOGfari Tanto Machete appears to be designed with the tactical martial artist in thoughts: its low profile 10’’ blade, slim 0.08’’ blade, pointed tip and balanced weight distribution all point out its prowess in cloak and dagger conditions, the place discretion is tantamount.

The machete has an alternate sawing edge that may be helpful in all kinds of conditions comparable to slicing via robust, thick rope, or a picket fence. Then again, it is also a legal responsibility in a setting the place it may simply get caught in issues e.g. jungle vines.

The rubber deal with is sort of comfy, and meets the blade in a full tang that protrudes from its again within the type of spikes that can be utilized for scraping and slicing your prey. It additionally has a number of lanyard holes via which you’ll loop some 550 twine as an added grip security.

Observe that the 3CR13 stainless-steel the blade is made out of received’t provide you with a extremely sturdy edge – so you may’t use it for the sort of heavy obligation functions usually related to different machetes; then once more, nothing about this machete says brute drive – it caters to the wants of those that need a device that may come in useful swift and lethal fight.


  • Slim, properly balanced construct geared in direction of tactical self-defense.
  • Backed by restricted lifetime guarantee.
  • Comfy rubber deal with.
  • Low-cost.


  • Stainless-steel blade restricts the machete to light-weight functions.

Genuine Gurkha Kukri - 11 Authentic AEOF Gurkha Afghan Issue Brown Sheath Khukuri- Handmade in Nepal by Gurkha Kukri House - imported by R&T Trading Co.

Real Gurkha Kukri – 11 Genuine AEOF Gurkha Afghan Difficulty Brown Sheath Khukuri- Handmade in Nepal by Gurkha Kukri Home – imported by R&T Buying and selling Co.

  • Kukri
  • 11 blade size | 3/eighth blade thickness
  • Metal 5160 or Automobile Spring excessive carbon metal
  • Darkish rosewood
  • Cotton wooden and buffalo leather-based scabbard, karda and chakma instruments

Examine The Value

This genuine kukri machete, hand crafted in Nepal, is a juggernaut, despite its comparatively brief 11’ blade size: the excessive grade carbon metal blade is 3/8’’ thick, and includes a double fullered design. Its edge is water tempered to be sharp and sturdy, and the 5160 / Automobile Spring metal materials makes it springy and sturdy on the identical time. The ahead weighted, curved kukri design makes it perfect for chopping wooden, dense vegetation and bone.

Be ready to get drained whereas utilizing this kukri machete for extended intervals of time – I received’t deny that its heavy, however this weight is what allows this knife to do the heavy obligation duties it’s imagined to. Curiously, it’s at the moment the usual difficulty fight knife for the Royal Gurkha Regiment of the British Military stationed in Afghanistan.

The blade is linked to the deal with by a full tang, the latter being hand styled, polished rosewood. Accompanying this machete is a leather-based and wooden sheath, which appears to be like nice however will be irksome to make use of, because it doesn’t adapt to the form of the blade. You additionally get complimentary chakma and karda instruments, that all the time go together with conventional kukris.

This kukri is little doubt costly, and ponderous even by machete requirements, but, if its heavy fight (involving parries and blocks) that you just’re anticipating, that is undoubtedly the most effective machete for the cash, by way of efficiency, high quality and reliability.


  • Hand crafted design.
  • Constituted of excessive carbon spring metal, and with a thick backbone, to chop via thick, robust supplies.
  • Brief blade size minimizes points in tight, enclosed settings.
  • Complimentary sheath, karda and chakma.


  • Weight and brief size could make extended bush clearing a chore.
  • Sheath is impractical.


As talked about earlier than on this information, there isn’t a definitive finest machete in the marketplace – the machete is just too numerous a device to be narrowed down like that. Relying on the first software you search from it – heavy fight, tactical self-defense, mild vegetation clearing, heavy wooden chopping and so on. – you possibly can select any one of many merchandise I’ve really helpful above, and even go together with a completely totally different one altogether.

That being mentioned, for me, the most effective machete can be the Chilly Metal Jungle Machete as a result of it’s low cost and multifunctional on the identical time – it may function a basic function chopping utility, a makeshift self-defense weapon and even a satisfactory animal skinning device, and that too with out dropping its edge. Once more, I’m considering from a survivalist / woodsman perspective – your wants might be serviced higher by one other candidate.

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