Is The Gurkha’s Kukri The Greatest Survival Preventing Machete Ever? (Possibly NOT…)


In the event you’re a “knife man or woman“, then I’m certain you’ve heard of the well-known “Kukri“, proper?

Really massive sufficient to be categorized as a “machete“, the Kukri has turn into one of the vital standard blades in the marketplace just lately.

And it’s comprehensible, “why”…

For greater than 500 years, the fearsome Gurkha warriors of Nepal have fought for a number of navy items all over the world.

Actually, when the mighty British Empire invaded Nepal in 1815, they had been simply overwhelmed again by the Gurkhas.

And the Gurkha’s main weapon?

Yup… the Kukri machete!

However Is The Kurki Machete REALLY The Greatest Design For Preventing?

Gurkha Kukri Survival Machete

Survival Machete Smackdown: Gurkha Kukri Machete vs. Bolo Machete

One of many causes the Kukri is so standard is that folks assume the Kukri’s angled blade has sure design benefits.

Sadly (in my humble opinion – after hardcore “stress testing”), quite a lot of these options truly work AGAINST you in fight.

Let me inform you why…

1. The Kurki Machete Is Good For Chopping… However Horrible For Stabbing.

The Kukri’s blade, by design, is angled DOWN.

This places the burden of the blade ahead, making the Kukri a superb “chopper” by focusing the power of a downward blow right into a extra vertical course.

Once more, this works effectively when you’re hacking a log or branches under waist degree (the place the vertical motion is greatest harnessed)…

… however in a real-life combat, the enemy is transferring and your main targets are above the waist.

Additionally, angled assaults are the best to deflect, which is why one of the vital efficient ways is a “thrust” assault.

This is likely one of the simplest strategies with a big blade, and an actual “fight-ender“.

With the Kukri’s knife tip and blade angled downward, stabbing is far more troublesome as a result of it doesn’t assist a pure thrusting motion.

2. The Kukri Machete Is Simply “Snagged” In Edged Weapon Fight.

That extreme downward curve of the Kukri has one other drawback past stabbing…

…it snags… badly!

The angled blade means an un-natural “hooking” of no matter it strikes, because it transfers the ability of the blow into the goal.

That implies that the blade can simply turn into lodged in bone when you chop at an attacker with it.

Now, having an enormous knife lodged within the bone of an arm or leg goes to wreck ANY “unhealthy man’s day.

Nevertheless it additionally means you’ve gotta un-stick the blade to make use of it once more… and that’s powerful to do with the angle of the blade.

A better option is a blade much less more likely to hold up within the goal, or to snag on issues round it.

A straighter blade form is a lot better for shut fight circumstances like that.

3. The Kukri Machete Can’t Be Thrown Simply.

Now, I understand that throwing ANY blade is fairly controversial in a preventing state of affairs.

I imply, why would you ever “throw away” your main weapon, proper?

Nicely, I don’t (absolutely) disagree.

However the truth is, there ARE occasions the place throwing a knife (or sure, even a machete!) may give you a distance benefit that your attacker doesn’t have – both as a distraction for a follow-up assault, or as a real “tactical transfer”.

The Kukri is extraordinarily awkward for throwing attributable to its angled design, and it’s very doubtless you’ll hit your goal with the again of the blade the place it bends downward.

That’s simply physics.

Straighter blade profiles are way more simply thrown.

(Extra on that in a minute…)

4. Blade-To-Blade, The Kukri Machete Has No “Circulation”.

Probably the most necessary issues about preventing with a blade is that it should “movement.”

You’ve acquired to have the ability to preserve it transferring, hanging THROUGH your enemy and, if mandatory, by and previous his personal blade.

Placing blade-to-blade with the Kukri SUCKS as a result of the angled blade form naturally catches in your attacker’s weapon.

We discovered this out the laborious means when creating our “Fight Machete” preventing system.

Testing out a number of varieties of machetes, the Kukri carried out the WORST when it got here to blade-to-blade preventing, and we discovered that, upon contact with one other blade, disrupts your physique’s pure steadiness upon contact (at greatest)… and might even truly direct your attacker’s blade into you (at worst)!

Once you take a look at these design flaws, you may see why the Gurkhas needed to practice so extensively to benefit from the options, whereas avoiding the blade’s challenges.

Likelihood is, you’re not coaching hundreds of hours in a Gurkha regiment, proper?

That’s why we selected the “Bolo” blade when designing our Guardian “city survival” machete…

The Bolo Machete: The Greatest Survival Machete For Preventing… EVER!

Guardian Urban Survival Combat Machete

The Guardian “City Survival” Fight Machete

Not as well-known because the Kukri, the Bolo design out-performs it on all of those factors…

First, due to its symmetrical “sword-like” form, you may thrust simply with the bolo.

Second, the bolo machete gained’t get snagged, even thought its blade form and forward-weighted design nonetheless makes it a wonderful chopper.

Third, the bolo machete is could be thrown very simply if the state of affairs requires it.

(Word: You may see a video of me throwing a “bolo” machete from about 40′ away right here.)

Lastly, the bolo flows in fight similar to a sword… as a result of that’s principally what it’s!

Its symmetrical design and straight backbone preserve it passing by your goal with a movement that makes follow-up assaults a pure extension of your physique’s motion – providing you with extra choices for angles AND setting you as much as higher defeat a number of attackers along with your machete.

I believe you’ll agree that the Bolo is one hell of a fight blade, proper?

Actually, it simply is likely to be your best option for survival and for edged weapon preventing… it doesn’t matter what sort of emergency you face.

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