Prepper Self Protection – four Muay Thai strikes that might save your life


The next Prepper Self Protection article entitled “four Knockout Muay Thai strikes that might save your life”.  Was kindly written and submitted by Darren Mitchell who is a Muay Thai fanatic and author for the BestMuayThai weblog. Thanks, Darren.

Prepper Self Protection

four Knockout Muay Thai Strikes that might save your Life

Everyone knows the world is filled with potential threats. From collapsing governments to the nuclear holocaust, there’s all the time some type of menace lurking.

However what about everyday threats?

It’s all properly and good prepping for Armageddon. However should you’re not bodily ready to take care of day by day conditions, you’re asking for hassle!

The next four knockout Muay Thai Prepper Self Protection strikes can save your pores and skin in a life or dying scenario. Simply ensure you use them responsibly.

Straight Knee

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The straight knee might be the preferred – and efficient Muay Thai transfer on the market. Do you know, in Thailand, whichever fighter makes the most effective use of their knees is the one who normally wins the battle? Such is the excessive regard they maintain the transfer in.

So, the way you do you carry out this Muay Thai staple? It’s so simple as this; Step onto your entrance foot and prolong it as a lot as attainable. Convey your again leg ahead as you push your hips up and drive that knee into your opponent’s abdomen.

That is good if you wish to get the bounce on an aggressive attacker who’s threatening you and/or your family members. A well-timed straight knee ought to see them crumple to the bottom like a sack of potatoes. And offers you ample time to retire to security and ensure everyone seems to be okay.

Low Kick

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The low kick is ideal should you don’t need to get too near your attacker if they’re carrying some type of weapon. This may be good for immobilizing them from a distance and getting in for the kill afterwards.

To carry out a low kick, you’ll need to first ‘set it up’. That is normally achieved by main with a punch that distracts the opponent from the incoming decrease physique assault.

When you’ve achieved this, you’ll need to be in a shoulder-width stance, roughly the way you arrange to your straight knee. Solely this time, you’re going to goal a kick in the direction of your attacker’s decrease leg. As should you’re attempting to chop via the facet together with your shin.

This may cripple the attacker if carried out appropriately and offers you an opportunity to maneuver in with a flurry of punches, kicks, and knees. That may assist to immobilize them and to avoid wasting your life.

Straight Cross to the Jaw

The straight cross to the jaw is principally the one sort of transfer you’ll see in your run-of-the-mill road battle. It’s primarily the haymaker – the cash shot.

Nonetheless, should you get this one proper, your opponent shall be out stone chilly – doubtlessly lifeless in the event that they’re not cautious. This is the reason it’s so essential to get this transfer mastered.

The best cross is all about energy. Which is why you’ll must arrange proper to get as a lot pressure behind your knockout blow as attainable.

You need to begin the transfer together with your stance unfold shoulder width, non-dominant foot ahead. Then you definitely’ll need to swivel your hips, shift your weight onto the entrance foot and absolutely prolong your punching arm.

When you’ve delivered this devastating blow, your punching shoulder ought to find yourself masking your chin. So that you’re protected against any counter blows your assailant might attempt to land on you.

It is a nice transfer to make use of once you’re going for a life-saving knockout as it may be tacked on the tip of one other transfer. You possibly can throw one after a few jabs, you may again off and throw one after a clinch knee. Or you may go for the jugular with one after the low kick – it’s such a flexible transfer that all the time has your again.

Knee to the Head from Clinch

That is typically referred to as a Clinch Knee and has been identified to ‘cripple’ opponents – one thing you may need to depend on in a life or dying scenario.

How do you carry out this transfer?

Mainly, together with your arms across the again of your opponent’s neck use them to drive their physique ahead and down. While on the identical time, thrusting your knee up and ahead as exhausting as attainable – devastating.

In a battle on the road, you’re in all probability going to finish up jostling together with your opponent and also you’ll be principally bear hugging one another because the layman isn’t very skilled at preventing correctly.

That is the place a clinch knee is available in completely. When somebody is hanging onto you for pricey life and god forbid, is attempting to assault you with a weapon on the identical time. You’re going to need to administer the blow that can free you and immobilize your opponent.

One enormous knee to your opponent can utterly stun them. Leaving time so that you can hit them with both of the three strikes mentioned above. Or take flight and get to security.

If you’re locked in shut physique fight with an attacker. Go for the clinch knee to the abdomen or if it’s low sufficient – the top. A crotch shot can be the simplest on a male assailant although – as we’re properly conscious!

Prepper Self Protection – Conclusion

These four knockout Muay Thai strikes will serve you properly should you encounter hassle in day by day life. They are going to show you how to to guard not solely your self however your nearest and dearest too.

Keep protected. Keep ready.

Darren Mitchell is a Muay Thai fanatic and author for the BestMuayThai weblog. Darren has skilled Muay Thai for a number of years at gyms all around the world alongside some world-renowned fighters and coaches.

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