Rubber Band AK47


Ever used Rubber Bands to Exchange an AK-47 Half?

Cooking bacon on the barrel of an AK-47 is one factor, however changing an important a part of the working machine with rubber bands takes some critical exterior of the field considering!
Normally Youtuber TAOFLEDERMAUS is blowing issues up with crude ammo improvements or hacking one. This time they did one thing that was actually worthwhile. They changed the return spring on an AK-47 with a bunch of rubber bands. The factor is nobody has ever tried this.

What are the dangers? Effectively, the bolt might slam into your face or worse the rubber band snapping on the shooter.

The thought was from Matt of Youtube MattV2099, the place he rubber band a Glock so it wouldn’t fireplace. Effectively, TAOFLEDERMAUS (Darren) determined to make a weapon perform with rubber bands.
The AK was chosen as a result of they’re infamous for being an unstoppable gun, you possibly can fill them (mud, twinkies, and many others..) with nearly something and it nonetheless fires.
It’s loopy to suppose that utilizing rubber bands for the spring return really works, and in keeping with Darren, he acknowledged that the cycle price was even quicker whereas capturing! A couple of millisecond quicker. Check out comparability under.

Marvel how the rubber band would fare if it was on full auto. Perhaps thats for an additional video.

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