Survival Weapons To Make, Purchase, Or Scavenge


survival weapons

The perfect self-defense is to keep away from encounters nevertheless when that’s not potential, you don’t need to be caught with out a weapon.

Having the means to defend your self and your loved ones is crucial for survival.

This text covers the varied survival weapons you should utilize for self-defense in a catastrophe state of affairs, together with these you may:

  1. Survival Weapons You Can Purchase
  2. Survival Weapons You Can Make
  3. Survival Weapons You Can Scavenge

Why Ought to I Suppose About Survival Weapons?

Typically all it takes is exhibiting your opponent you’re armed to discourage them from attacking, however in case you’re compelled into fight you’ll need to be armed with a weapon you’re comfy with and expert at utilizing.

survival weapons

When contemplating the choices under, select these which can be finest suited to your specific scenario and that you’ll have time to follow with to develop your ability stage.

Survival Weapons You Can Purchase

There are many appropriate and extremely efficient survival weapons that may be bought. Not solely will this prevent the effort of fabricating your personal, but additionally you’ll have the time essential to follow and turn into proficient with its use. Our high decisions for store-bought survival weapons are slingshots, tomahawks, knives, billy golf equipment, and firearms.


Though knives are among the many most elementary of survival weapons, they require a substantial amount of ability to wield successfully. Few folks have the time to spend money on changing into proficient with utilizing a knife, and subsequently it serves higher as a backup weapon than as a main. Our mounted blade knife of selection is the Ka-Bar Becker 22.

For a extra compact possibility, go for a folding knife with that has an open-assist function, offering fast, one-handed operation and carries a excessive intimidation issue such because the Kershaw Tanto.

For more information, learn our information information to picking one of the best mounted blade knife.

survival weapons


Slingshots are an amazing selection for a survival weapon as they’re cheap and ammo can simply be scavenged. We suggest The Scout Searching Slingshot as one of the best all-around slingshot which can be an efficient looking instrument. For extra particulars, learn our information to picking one of the best slingshot for survival.



The advantage of a tomahawk is that it features as each a instrument and a weapon, supplying you with a two-for-one possibility that can assist preserve your packing to a minimal. Moreover its apparent use as a bludgeoning weapon, a tomahawk can show fairly helpful in scavenging as it could assist to open containers and different locations the place meals could be stored. It additionally features properly as a search and rescue instrument. The CRKT Kangee Tomahawk is our tomahawk of selection. Try our information to picking one of the best tomahawk.

Best Tomahawk

Pepper Sprays and Stun Gadgets

Pepper spray or a stun gadget are very efficient weapons that may cease an attacker of their tracks. These choices are particularly helpful for people who don’t have the brute power to make use of different sorts of weapons successfully since they’ll used from a distance and don’t require a considerable quantity of power to inflict harm.

  • Pepper Spray – Compact and straightforward to hold. Can be utilized from a number of ft away.
  • Bear spray – Much like pepper spray however designed for long-range (30-foot vary) use.
  • Stun Gun – A handheld gadget that delivers a strong electrical shock when touching an assailant. A very good high quality stun gun will drop massive attackers with out a downside.

Handheld Tactical Weapons

These weapons are very efficient within the fingers of somebody with enough power, agility, and ability.

  • Kubaton – A discreet weapon that shops simply on a keychain, a kubaton provides spikes to your punch and aimed toward an attacker’s eyes, may cause severe harm.
  • Tactical Pen – It’s a twin perform pen that’s constructed to even be used as a weapon. Discreet but efficient.


Firearms, America’s weapon of selection – and for good cause!

In most states, firearms are comparatively straightforward to buy legally and are extraordinarily efficient at each intimidating and harming would-be attackers.

Firearms are additionally fascinating should you or members of your bug out crew don’t have the power to wield a brute-force weapon – it’s ability, not measurement, that counts with firearms.

Nonetheless, similar to another survival weapon, a firearm requires follow to realize accuracy (particularly below tense conditions when adrenaline is pumping) and ammo should be hoarded or scavenged. Firearms additionally require periodic upkeep to make sure they keep in working order.

survival weapons

Survival Weapons You Can Make

There are myriad objects at your disposal that may immediately turn into a weapon if want be – most of that are straightforward to make and comparatively cheap. Current civil uprisings within the Ukraine present an amazing case research in how lethal home made weapons can actually be.

To see how sticks, bats and sledgehammers have been capable of topple a Presidency, have a look by means of these photos at Wired.

The three sorts of DIY weapons we’ll be discussing on this article are:

  • Bludgeoning weapons
  • Edged Weapons
  • Projectile Weapons

Every will be lethal in their very own proper, so be certain to decide on the kind of weapon that you just really feel most comfy with.

Bludgeoning Survival Weapons

To successfully wield a bludgeoning weapon, you should be in shut contact along with your attacker and have a big quantity of higher physique power – delivering a disabling blow requires an incredible quantity of power. If this seems like the kind of weapon you’d do properly with, we suggest utilizing a membership, conflict hammer, tomahawk, or flail.


Whereas a membership is likely one of the best survival weapons to make, it’s no much less lethal than another and may inflict severe damage on an attacker. You’ll be able to create an efficient membership by modifying a baseball bat, backyard instrument deal with, or any size of wooden, steel or piping. You’ll be able to enhance the harmful energy of your blows by including nails or steel scraps to the top of the membership or by constructing a weighted membership with a stone embedded ultimately. For concepts on the way to construct an efficient membership, try some examples at The JB Bardot Archives.

Struggle Hammer

A conflict hammer will be simply assembled utilizing cheap plumbing supplies and works properly for breaching doorways and vehicles, in addition to for fight. To create a conflict hammer, use a size of pipe with a t-splitter on the top and match it with reducer couplings and plugs – no welding required. For an in depth rationalization, see this YouTube video on assembling your personal conflict hammer.


A tomahawk can be utilized each for chopping and throwing. You’ll be able to simply make one by splitting a chunk of wooden and inserting both a rock or piece of steel and tying it along with leather-based wire or braided plant fibers. You may make your tomahawk much more lethal by sharpening the top of the deal with in order that it could double as a spear or pry instrument. For a extra superior tomahawk, see this YouTube video which explains the way to make a tomahawk from lawnmower blades (this requires welding).


A flail is well crafted by fastening a series with a spiked ball to the top of a stick or bar. You may also make a dive flail, which has a spiked ball at each ends.

Edged Survival Weapons

There are a large number of supplies that can be utilized to craft an efficient – and lethal – blade, together with bone, stone, glass and scrap steel. Blades are an environment friendly instrument for slicing or puncturing your attacker however are notoriously tough to grasp. Earlier than counting on a blade in a life-or-death scenario, be sure you attempt it out and may successfully wield it within the warmth of the second.

The most typical kind of blade is a fixed-blade knife, which will be made with supplies from round your house comparable to noticed blades. M40 has a complete article on fabricating a home made fixed-blade knife for below $1, which you’ll be able to learn right here. If it’s good to arm your self on the fly, Hedgehog Leatherworks has an amazing video on selecting one of the best stones to craft into instruments, or survival weapons because the case could also be.

One other viable possibility is to create a spear or ‘rabbit stick’ by sharpening a shaft that’s no less than 5 ft lengthy and attaching a pointy level to the top comprised of both steel, stone or glass.

Projectile Survival Weapons

With projectiles, you may inflict harm whereas holding a distance between you and your attacker, making them the best weapon when stealth is your goal. Nonetheless, to trigger severe harm you should be extremely correct, which requires a good quantity of follow. The next are a few of our favourite projectile survival weapons:

  • Crossbow and arrows (be taught to make an arrowhead out of a spoon on this video)
  • Longbow – These will be comprised of PVC pipe or wooden out of your native ironmongery shop, as you may see right here.
  • Bamboo sling bow – begin with a hole piece of bamboo or PVC tubing lengthy sufficient to grip with one hand and add two half-inch eyelet screws to carry a number of robust rubber bands in place; arrows will be usual from sharpened sticks with no feathers crucial
  • Bola – an easy-to-make weapon, a bola is thrown at your enemy and can immobilize them by wrapping itself round them
  • Sling – cheap and straightforward to make, you may assemble a sling from frequent home goods such because the tongue of an outdated boot. To construct a sling, merely connect a strip of leather-based to 2 lengths of string or twine; it will mean you can launch small stones concerning the measurement of golf balls and will be mastered fairly rapidly.
  • Throwing stars and spikes

Need much more information on projectile survival weapons? CLICK HERE NOW to take a look at our in depth article!

ranged survival weapons
Click on on the picture above to be taught all concerning the BEST ranged survival weapons proper now!

Survival Weapons You Can Scavenge

If catastrophe strikes and also you don’t have survival weapons with you, there are weapons that may be scavenged after the very fact. If you end up scavenging in a hostile scenario, make sure to completely scout the world beforehand and have a bunch of individuals with you that may present sufficient fingers to hold again what you want.

In an city survival scenario, the next will be helpful sources of weapons and ammo:

  • Automotive restore garages and fuel stations
  • Automobiles and bicycles
  • Workplace buildings, colleges, house complexes – usually, anyplace with a upkeep division
  • Deserted houses
  • Building websites

You’ll usually be scavenging for survival weapons, ammo or each. The next sections talk about what objects will be scavenged to function survival weapons or ammo.

Survival Weapon Scavenging Ideas

When scavenging for survival weapons, try to find the next:

  • Something you should utilize as a membership, e.g. road signal posts, rebar, PVC pipe, log
  • Instruments, e.g. ice picks, sledgehammers, crowbars
  • Defensive armor, e.g. road indicators, automobile door panels, hubcaps, sports activities tools
  • Lashings, e.g. internal bark of timber braided for power, sinew, rawhide
  • Different helpful objects comparable to chains, bicycle gears (will be fixed to the top of a stick), and free weights (can be utilized to assemble a flail)

Scavenging Ammo

When scavenging for ammo, try to find the next:

  • Bolts or rocks for use with a slingshot
  • Arrows for bows/crossbows – glass and scrap steel make wonderful arrow factors when there isn’t any time to chip stone
  • Ammo for firearms – use warning with discovered bullets as they could be loaded with enhanced explosives
  • Rocks, bricks, and chunks of sidewalks or buildings that can be utilized for throwing or for a slingshot

Wrapping Up

Investing the effort and time to both purchase or make survival weapons that can finest serve you is a necessary a part of the prepping course of. Whichever weapon (or weapons) you select, be sure you can follow with them and they’re well-suited to your survival wants.

For instance, a longbow can function an amazing weapon for defending your house perimeter, however most likely received’t be helpful as a part of your get-home-bag. As essential as arming your self is creating the talents to correctly wield your weapon in fight, so at all times take time to follow.

Along with working towards along with your main survival weapon, make time to develop your talents in scavenging for ammo and weapons. There might come a time the place your main survival weapon turn into unavailable and the flexibility to construct weapons from scratch will probably be a desired one certainly.

It is usually value contemplating studying and working towards some type of unarmed self-defense.

Your Ideas?

Do you could have a survival weapon that you just plan on utilizing? Do you could have an thought for one that may be straightforward to make or scavenge? Tell us within the Feedback Part under, thanks!


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