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Reviewing Leatherman-style multi-tools is at all times a difficult proposition. They’re primarily pliers with additional instruments tacked on as an afterthought and within the case of the Gerber MP600, I discovered myself combating the efficiency of the pliers (wire cutters, particularly) and detached to the additional instruments supplied, which mainly ensures a lower than optimistic evaluate.

Private style and luxury will after all affect your personal view of those instruments, however pragmatically, efficiency relative to bulk is all that basically issues in multi-tools, and that’s the reason I’m probably a smidgen extra essential/dismissive than I might be with a knife evaluate.

gerber-mp600-bladeless-multitool-reviewGerber MP600 Multi-Plier Multi-Instrument – Amazon / Blade HQ

The very first thing to say earlier than speaking in regards to the efficiency is how attractive this multi instrument is. I’m a sucker for black oxide, and if you happen to needed to rank a multitool on sheer badass’ness, the MP600 would win arms down. I additionally love the deployment system of the pliers: 2 lil’ buttons, and you’ll pop the pliers out like a switchblade (minus the spring). Very cool, and admittedly very helpful, because it’s trivial to whip out the pliers, use them and at last put the instrument away in a handful of clean motions.


The character of the design signifies that the remainder of the instruments are comparatively accessible (shortly), so the true benefit is having the ability to use the pliers on the go with out spending an excessive amount of time faffing round.

By way of torque and utilizing them to loosen bolts, I had zero points, however the carbide wire cutters, regardless of trying badass and being detachable have been ineffective for chopping sheathed wires.

They didn’t lower, however somewhat – simply bit into the rubber. Didn’t matter how a lot torque I cranked out, the outcome was the identical – by no means a clear lower.


Even utilizing each arms and cranking down with the alignment “good”: nonetheless a no go. I reckon it might be superb with thicker gauge wire, however for electrical wire, I discovered the Gerber MP600 disappointing. Perhaps I obtained a lemon and all others work superb? Who is aware of, however as that is the first goal of the instrument (for me), I don’t have a lot curiosity find causes to defend the efficiency.

The irritating factor is that the cutters look excessive efficiency. Consider it or not, they’re carbide. The instrument usually talking may be very nicely machined.

I did experiment: eliminated the cutters, rotated them on a contemporary face (the character of the triangular design means you’ll be able to rotate it in case one facet dulls – nice design… in principle). Nonetheless no change. Refused to chop rubber housing, and this present day, that’s a giant drawback as I very not often cope with bare wires.


I’ve the blade-less mannequin of the MP600 that comes with a Remgrit carbide noticed. Works decently, and while I can’t consider a state of affairs the place I would wish one and never have a devoted instrument, the truth is that if I ever did want it, I do know it’s fairly reliable.

One other optimistic is that it’s replaceable, so I think about with some looking you might discover and/or make various blades like a fine-toothed wooden noticed, maybe?

In any case, choices are at all times good and matched with the lifetime guarantee, I do really feel like the one instruments that may get chewed up are replaceable. So all in all, the design is smart.


The needlenose pliers have good mating on the nostril (actually good). Tremendous good development that’s on par and maybe, even a contact higher than the Leathermans I personal. Sadly let down by the wirecutters although.


The entire secondary instruments lock utilizing a pull tab. It’s very giant and simple to actuate – with or with out gloves. I can undoubtedly see individuals who work in hostile environments being a fan of this Gerber. Very clean and the design seems to be (to me) resilient to mud and particles.


I examined out the secondary instruments simply to see what was up, and as anticipated, every thing labored out simply superb. The ergonomics and efficiency will at all times be a let down with multi-tools as a result of on the coronary heart of it, the design is a compromise. The perfect screwdriver is a screwdriver and the most effective pair of pliers is a pair of pliers.

If you take 2 or extra instruments and mash them into one, clearly some efficiency goes to be misplaced in addition to consolation. This isn’t a criticism, simply me being pragmatic.

I do want the screwdrivers had extra selection or have been detachable, like within the Leatherman Wave, however what you get is what you get. They work, however wouldn’t be my first selection.


So what do I take advantage of one of these multi-tool for, you ask? Truthfully, often only for the pliers themselves. I don’t need to cope with getting wrenches out and if the pliers have good sharp ridges, I discover that except the bolt or screw is rusted tight, I can often go vertically and unscrew them with minimal danger of harm. I like them for working in tight areas, like below the kitchen sink, as I’ve been doing over the previous two weeks.

The pliers themselves people, are rattling good. I personal the M.U.T., Rebar, Wave, Skeletool, and many others. and many others., and that is by far my favorite pair of pliers. They’re robust, sharp (they maintain onto to bolts like a rattling vice), and actuate very, very easily.

The physique can be nicely machined and I think about can stand up to appreciable torque. I point out this as a result of I personal the a lot smaller Gerber multi-tool (the Dime) and I broken the handles/physique by including an excessive amount of strain.

I’m not saying this instrument is actually bombproof, however you would need to actively try to break them to get catastrophic failure.


As for the opposite secondary instruments, there are surprisingly few of them considering how giant and hulking the Gerber MP600 is. We’ve:

  • Heavy-duty scissors (not like the fragile Victorinox ones) that have been extraordinarily sharp (simply lower cleanly by bathroom paper).
  • A metal file that’s mainly ineffective past submitting teensy tiny imperfections, which frankly I may simply lower off. The problem is the tooth are at all times too shallow and get gummed up in zero seconds.
  • four screwdrivers, that as talked about, work however are nothing particular.
  • A primary can opener.

Nothing particular right here people.


The instrument itself is made within the USA. The black oxide end is drop lifeless attractive and can put on actually properly. I’ve owned it for practically a 12 months, and in that 12 months I’ve used the pliers a crap-tonne. The secondary instruments I’ve used possibly 2 or three instances.

On the finish of the day – it’s 300 grams for a pleasant pair of pliers, wire cutters that don’t lower, and a handful of different instruments that frankly are simply not that spectacular.


What I actually need is these needle-nose pliers on the Leatherman Rebar (minus the crappy wire cutter), and that lovely oxide end.

As a stand alone multitool, I don’t assume the Gerber MP600 is especially excessive efficiency and consequently, I might suggest going with a Leatherman Wave as an alternative. Significantly better wire cutters, and secondary instruments which might be truly excessive efficiency.

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