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The katana, a Japanese sword popularized within the West by the legend of the Samurai, and by depictions portraying the stoic Japanese warrior taking up foes a lot stronger than him, has grow to be a coveted merchandise for any martial arts fan’s assortment. The identical goes for a machete, which has loved a globally widespread standing by the centuries.

Machete and Katana Comparisons

Katana ​​​Machete

  • Supposed use is slicing / slicing / piercing
  • Blade is lengthy
  • Blade edge has a substantial v-taper
  • Sensible katanas are costly
  • Twin handed wielding is troublesome and requires correct method, therefore impractical in fight
  • Requires cautious dealing with and upkeep

  • Intending use is hacking / chopping
  • Blade is brief
  • Blade is usually thick, uniform or ahead weighted, and doesn’t taper till the very finish
  • Sensible machetes are very low-cost
  • Single handed wielding is straightforward after a couple of follow swings, due to this fact sensible in fight
  • Can face up to tough utilization within the area

However virtually talking, the machete vs katana debate isn’t nearly which one appears cooler and meaner (aesthetics in any case, received’t play a task past décor and symbolism, in relation to a weapon). You’ll must rigorously assess the options, functions and limitations of every weapon earlier than deciding which one will fit your wants finest.


That’s the aim behind the writing of this in-depth comparability between a machete and a katana – it’ll show you how to make a good selection with out having to seek the advice of a number of sources and consultants.



The katanas had been one of many conventional Japanese swords (known as nihonto) worn by Japanese samurai throughout the feudal period. They’ve a definite look: a slim, curved blade with one edge blunt and the opposite sharp, and a comparatively lengthy deal with to allow double handed wielding. The deal with and the blade are divided by a sq. / circle guard.


The machete is an reasonably priced and widespread device / weapon that resembles a extremely brief sword, or a extremely lengthy knife, that’s used primarily as a chopping and hacking utility. The machete has many differing types, which have advanced in several areas of the globe over the centuries, every having its personal strengths and disadvantages.



  • Blade size: Relying on the period of building of the katana, the size of a katana can fluctuate between 23.5’’ to 28.5’’.
  • Blade thickness: The katana usually has a blade round 1 / 4 inch thick on the blunt edge, which finally tapers all the way down to the sharp edge, after remaining flat on each side of the blade for a sure portion of the space from the blunt to the sharp edge.
  • Blade tip: There are a number of several types of blade ideas, nonetheless, all of them are curved and finish in a sharpened level which makes the katana supreme for swift stabbing / piercing.
  • Blade materials: Historically, a katana must be created from some type of tempered carbon metal. You might come throughout ultra-cheap katanas created from stainless-steel lately, however they don’t have any worth within the area.
  • Deal with: The deal with of the katana, referred to as the tsuka, is lengthy, in order to accommodate the twin handed grip required to wield it. To boost its grip, it’s wrapped with ribbons of supplies equivalent to cotton, artificial / real leather-based, artificial / real suede, or silk; that is historically referred to as the tsuka ito.
  • Blade profile: The blade of the katana has a comparatively brief size, so far as swords go, and is reasonably curved, versus the extra pronounced curve of the Japanese blade it advanced from, the tachi. The katana’s blade has a definite line alongside each its sides, often known as the hamon. The hamons of every katana are totally different, and every grasp smith may have a unique hamon type.
  • Worth: The worth of a katana in immediately’s market ranges from $30 to $3000 and above. You’ll be onerous pressed to discover a workable katana at a sub-$100 worth level. Most katanas on this worth vary are made from stainless-steel, and are decorative at finest. A sensible katana will set you again by at the least $200 and this received’t even be the most effective or most dependable kind. To get an genuine nihonto katana, try to be ready to splurge round $2000 – this sort of katana can be hand-made in Japan by a grasp smith.


  • Blade size: Machete blades fluctuate between 10 and 28 inches in size, averaging at about 14 inches.
  • Blade thickness: The thickness of a machete blade ranges from 1/eighth to three/eighth of an inch and varies from kind to kind, and likewise inside a specific kind.
  • Blade tip: Most machetes have a blunt tip, which can even be thickened (a ahead weighted blade), to allow heavy obligation chopping.
  • Blade materials: Machete blades could also be created from carbon or excessive carbon metal, in addition to stainless-steel (which is the most cost effective and least dependable).
  • Deal with: The deal with of a machete received’t have a lot safety to supply to the wielder usually, and may very well be created from ivory, plastic, rubber, wooden and Micarta. The standard of the grip relies on the fabric used, with Micarta providing a superb grip for the longest time period.
  • Blade profile: Usually, machete blades have appreciable width between their edges, which can each be sharpened. The blade can have a uniform weight distribution, or a ahead weighted one.
  • Worth: Due to their comparatively easy manufacturing course of, machete costs don’t usually exceed the $200 mark (for the very best high quality ones). You’ll find a dependable sensible machete in within the sub-$100 bracket fairly simply.



The katana initially turned widespread for its swift slicing motion that made it lethal in fight, a truth attested by Western historians too. This nonetheless holds immediately: it is going to be onerous to discover a higher slicing blade than the katana. The tip of the katana additionally makes it nice at slashing, piercing and stabbing maneuvers. As such it’s utilized in many martial arts types together with battojutsu, kendo, kenjutsu, ninjutsu and so forth.

As a result of the katana is such an incredible cutter, it additionally lends itself to yard utilization, the place you should use it to clear grass and skinny brush.


The tough and difficult building of a machete makes it nice at chopping and hacking functions that require extra brute power than exact slicing. The thick, brief blades end in highly effective strokes that may clear powerful, dense plant progress, and even cleave by flesh and bones, ought to the necessity come up.

In brief, the machete’s design is good for survival functions the place you could require a easy and efficient weapon for self-defense; or a sturdy, easy-to-use utility blade.

Manufacturing Course of

Katanas are historically crafted from a particular layered Japanese metal often known as tamahagane – every layer of this metal may have various carbon concentrations. The smith folds and welds items of high and low carbon metal a number of instances to take away the impurities, leading to a billet of tamahagane.

The curve of the katana is achieved by differential quenching or differential hardening, the identical course of is chargeable for the hamon of the katana.

After the forging of the blade, it’s polished – a course of taking 1 to three weeks, after which the blade may have a reflective end.

Conventional machetes had been crafted by hand, utilizing tempered carbon metal, which made them fairly worthwhile instruments. Even now, handmade forms of sure kinds of machete e.g. the kukri might be discovered out there.


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Extra not too long ago although, they’re manufactured utilizing industrial equipment that may press them out in giant batches after which the handles are glued / riveted to the tang. This has introduced down their worth considerably. Because of the straightforward hack and chop philosophy behind the machete, batch manufacture doesn’t have an effect on its efficiency, as it could an intricate sword equivalent to a katana.

The rudimentary design additionally signifies that even when the machete is a handcrafted one (these are typically the very best high quality), it received’t exceed greater than $300 at most.


It can’t be denied that the katana is a superb sword that’s nonetheless related to shut quarter fight immediately. Nevertheless, due to its size and distinctive design, wielding it successfully requires coaching and follow in one of many Japanese martial arts that make use of it.

The size of the katana, and its two-handed grip, imply which you could’t use it outdoor to clear thick vegetation and minimize wood branches for lengthy, as a result of it would tire you out. Whereas its blade is actually thick and made from robust, tempered carbon metal, it will possibly nonetheless get completely broken when you attempt to use it for tough functions equivalent to chopping wooden, due to the v-taper of the blade.

The katana must be dealt with and saved correctly, and maintained repeatedly. This implies you’ll should retailer it in its sheath horizontally, with its curve going through down and its edge upwards, to make sure that its edge stays intact. You’ll even have to grease, polish and powder it to attenuate rusting.

In brief, the katana’s design is appropriate for fight and light-weight plant clearing, however just for a short time, after which it requires painstaking upkeep and sufficient storage. This, together with the excessive value of a good katana signifies that it isn’t appropriate for the fashionable out of doors adventurer in search of a survival device.


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In fight conditions, machetes are fast and straightforward to wield, because of their brief blade size – nonetheless this similar function means you’ll must get actually near your foe to attain a strike. The blunt tip on most machetes additionally makes them ineffective as piercing weapons, nonetheless there are specific exceptions, such because the tanto type machete, which, by the way, is impressed by a kind of knife carried by samurai, alongside their katanas!

Put merely, machetes can do appreciable harm however go away you open to the identical when you’re not cautious.


To summarize, katanas was wonderful melee fight weapons that had been onerous to rival by way of their slicing and slicing prowess. With the introduction of firearms, nonetheless, katanas, like most different swords, have outlived their usefulness in energetic fight / self-defense. Their lengthy blades and two-handed grip make them onerous to wield besides in very particular conditions, which is why they’re ineffective from a sensible self-defense standpoint. Machetes then again, are brief, simple to wield and pack fairly a punch: as such, they’re related to virtually any shut quarter fight scenario you could end up in.

Katanas could also be helpful to you if you wish to do some light-weight glass clearing in your yard – since, once more, they’re eager cutters. Something extra intense although (dense vegetation, chopping wooden, culling branches), and a good machete, with its powerful, stocky blade, can be your finest wager: the katana’s comparatively delicate blade design would get severely nicked, and even shatter, after you hit rocks a couple of instances! That is moreover the truth that the katana’s lengthy blade would tire you out a lot quicker too.


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From the fee perspective, the machete is unbeatable as a flexible survival utility, whereas you’d must spend a significantly larger sum on a katana, and nonetheless wouldn’t be capable to get all the sensible advantages. In mild of the evaluation above, I’d suggest the machete as the higher all-in-one survival device for you.

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