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by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

S&W 78G
My S&W 78G pistol.

A historical past of airguns

Half 1
Half 2
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Right now’s report is written by reader 45Bravo. That is his report back to us on the Daisy air pistols that adopted the S&W 78G and 79G.

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And now, over to you, 45Bravo.

The decline of the Smith & Wesson 78-79 collection

This report covers:

  • Historical past
  • What’s on the skin
  • On the within
  • Daisy set off
  • Daisy mannequin 41
  • Daisy 7900?
  • So, how do they shoot?
  • S&W #2074 has Mac1 upgrades in valve poppet and valve spring, and o-rings
  • S&W #3248 has manufacturing facility poppet and valve spring, however new o-rings
  • S&W 79G has manufacturing facility poppet and valve spring, with new o-rings
  • The Daisy 790 has Mac1 upgraded poppet and valve spring and o-rings
  • Why would I throw over $100 in components right into a Daisy 790?
  • Abstract
  • The Daisy Line?

The decline of the Smith & Wesson 78-79 collection

These observations come from having Four of the weapons at my disposal at the moment.
A 78g serial quantity 2074, with a guide dated 4/71.
A 78g, serial quantity 3248.
A 79g, serial quantity 294,6XX, with a guide dated revised 11/77
And a Daisy 790, serial quantity 3J00891 (third change).

Once I get a Daisy Energy Line Mannequin 41 in I’ll do a article on that mannequin.

S&W 78G.

Historical past

The S&W 78g and 79g (.22 and .177 calibers respectively) had been made by Smith and Wesson for homeowners of their Mannequin 41 .22 rimfire goal pistol, to have the ability to apply goal taking pictures indoors or of their yard. The primary ones had been made with an adjustable set off, and 2-stage energy choice, and adjustable energy general by means of altering the hammer spring preload.

Quickly Smith and Wesson’s authorized division grew to become afraid of their adjustable set off after drop assessments had been performed. They eliminated the adjustable set off characteristic, however stored the adjustable energy characteristic.

These pistols had been constructed from 1970 till 1978, at which era they bought the tooling to Daisy. Daisy continued manufacturing underneath the mannequin numbers 780 and 790.

After the sale when a recall was issued or when Smith & Wesson weapons wanted service, they had been to be despatched to Daisy for the work to be carried out. When the modifications had been accomplished, the frames had been stamped with the letter D close to the piercing cap. Any weapons produced after the recall got here with the modifications already carried out and didn’t must be stamped.

Daisy stamp

Each new modification to the pistol by Daisy lowered the price of the pistol, and within the opinion of many individuals, additionally lowered the standard of the weapons.

Now that we now have lined a bit of the historical past of the weapons, allow us to look a bit deeper.

The Smith & Wesson 78/79g air pistol, and the Daisy 780/790 air pistol: What’s the distinction?

Daisy 790 S&W 78G
The early Smith & Wesson 78G is the underside pistol with the lighter coloration grips. The Daisy 790 is on the high.

What’s on the skin

Pistols from the 2 producers really feel the identical, they usually look the identical. The variations are within the particulars. The early Smith & Wesson weapons had very gentle coloured and cheap-looking plastic grips. As time handed they improved the look by making the plastic grips darker with extra pronounced colours and simulated grain. Daisy stored the nice-looking grips of their manufacturing.

When Daisy first took over manufacturing, from what I perceive, they used a few of the leftover components from Smith & Wesson the place they may. Additionally they modified issues in different places. Daisy modified the rear sight to a plastic one. The bolt launch was modified to a plastic half, however the bolt itself continues to be metallic. And your complete meeting was simplified. Daisy did enhance one factor, on the loading bolt they added a 3rd place, that allows you to retailer the gun with the bolt partially retracted from the barrel so the bolt seal o-ring is just not compressed.

On the within

Over their manufacturing run, Daisy simplified the ability adjuster to a 2-piece design and made it out of plastic. They modified the barrel retention system and the power-adjustment system to a pin close to the muzzle as an alternative of the screw-in system of the Smith & Wesson.

S&W power adjuster
This picture exhibits the Smith&Wesson energy adjuster out of the gun.

Daisy 790 power adjuster
The Daisy 790 energy adjuster out of the gun.

Daisy modified the switch port from a metallic one, to a plastic one. Daisy modified the set off from the sintered metallic set off of the Smith & Wesson to a solid one, and modified it to the place the protection might be engaged with the gun uncocked.

S&W Daisy frame
Right here is the Smith & Wesson (proper) and Daisy (left) decrease receiver side-by-side. You may see the white plastic switch port Daisy used. The zip ties are simply holding the set off and set off springs in place for the pictures.

Daisy modified to a 2-piece hammer. It presents larger security, so while you hearth the gun, the hammer strikes the valve stem, however while you launch the set off, it then strikes the hammer upward and lets it relaxation on the valve face. It can not hearth the gun until the set off is held all the best way to the rear.

78G hammer
The hammer/striker in a 78G (arrow) is one stable piece.

790 hammer
The 790 hammer is 2 items — an inside piece surrounded by an outer shell.

And right here is how the Daisy hammer works. Similar to the S&W pistols, the Daisy hammer is cocked by being pulled away from the valve stem and in opposition to the stress of the hammer spring.

790 hammer cocked
The Daisy 790 hammer proven right here is cocked — able to strike the valve stem when launched by the sear.

790 hammer fired
The 790 set off/sear has launched the hammer and it has impacted the valve stem, releasing gasoline.

790 hammer rest
After firing the set off has been launched and the inside a part of the 790- hammer has shifted up in opposition to the valve physique. It can not contact the valve stem now.

Daisy set off

These adjustments made the Daisy set off safer, however it’s additionally extraordinarily lengthy and heavy, making the pistol very exhausting to shoot effectively. Daisy additionally eliminated the hammer/spring information channel from the entrance of the decrease receiver. That may be seen within the picture above that exhibits the 2 decrease fames subsequent to one another..

Over the Daisy manufacturing run, I’ve discovered Four adjustments earlier than Daisy launched the chrome-plated Mannequin 41 air pistol. The pistol examined is what I contemplate to be a 3rd change mannequin.

When the Mannequin 41 got here out, they modified the CO2 cartridge association. The pistol now positioned the cartridge with its tip up, and had a simplified CO2 cap, as an alternative of the costlier striker piercing cap of the sooner fashions.

The o-rings of the bolt probe, and the valve preparations nonetheless interchange with the sooner weapons, so resealing them can nonetheless be carried out.

Daisy mannequin 41

This final mannequin was a chrome-plated airgun that was extra of an homage to the Smith and Wesson 41 firearm than a severe casual goal air pistol. The Mannequin 41 was the final gasp for the design, and was in manufacturing for a really quick time, and also you don’t see very many on the market on-line, and even discovering photos on-line of the Daisy mannequin 41 is troublesome.

Daisy 41
The uncommon Daisy mannequin 41.

I see extra 78g fashions than 79g fashions, and for my part, of your complete run of producing from each corporations, the rarest mannequin appears to be the Daisy mannequin 41.

Daisy 7900?

I see references on-line a few Daisy 7900 air pistol, however have but to see an precise picture of 1, a lot much less truly see one in particular person. After a dialog with the Daisy Museum, I discovered that Daisy by no means produced a mannequin 7900 air pistol. Apparently it’s an instance of the Mandela impact.

So, how do they shoot?

I selected to make use of Crosman Premier pellets for the take a look at as most shooters will purchase a tin of them earlier than they purchase or take a look at costlier pellets.

Except for the Daisy 790, all taking pictures was carried out with the ability adjusters set in the midst of their adjustment ranges. The 790 was not adjusted because the plastic velocity adjustment is delicate and vulnerable to breaking if adjusted with a screwdriver. Additionally, it’s set the place it shoots one of the best with its most popular pellet.

All strings 20 pictures per string.
a brand new Crosman 12 gram co2 cartridge
14.3gr. Crosman Premier in .22
7.9gr. Crosman Premier in .177

Temp: 85 deg. F.
All weapons and co2 cartridges had been allowed to heat as much as ambient temperature within the shade.
Timed 30 seconds between pictures.
Recorded with a Caldwell Ballistic Precision Chronograph 1 ft from the muzzle.

S&W #2074 has Mac1 upgrades in valve poppet and valve spring, and o-rings

14.3gr. Crosman Premier.
Excessive: 402
Low: 386
Common: 392.4
Unfold: 16 fps.
Fpe: 4.9
Can it shoot quicker? : Sure. However with solely 16fps variation over the primary 20 pictures, its one of the best I’ve discovered but for this pistol. I’ve not discovered “the” pellet for this pistol but.

S&W #3248 has manufacturing facility poppet and valve spring, however new o-rings

14.3gr. Crosman Premier.
Excessive: 376
Low: 349
Common: 359.9
Unfold: 27 fps.
Fpe: 4.0
I just lately bought this gun and it’ll get an entire rebuild.

S&W 79G has manufacturing facility poppet and valve spring, with new o-rings

7.9 gr. Crosman Premier.
Excessive: 442
Low: 401
Common: 421.5
Unfold: 41
Fpe: 3.1
This gun is just not mine. The proprietor simply needed a reseal, nothing else.

The Daisy 790 has Mac1 upgraded poppet and valve spring and o-rings

7.9 gr. Crosman Premier.
Excessive: 519
Low: 511
Common: 514.2
Unfold: eight fps!
Fpe: 4.6

This specific Daisy may be very correct even with the heavy set off. Everyone knows Daisy could make an correct barrel (the Daisy 953 is a main instance). Sadly they needed to let their legal professionals into their triggers.

{Editor’s notice: Daisy is the highest-profile airgun firm on the planet. Many people who find themselves not airgunners use the time period Daisy to imply all airguns. In consequence, they’re the targets for a lot of lawsuits. Their legal professionals must be vigilant, simply to remain in enterprise.}

Due to its accuracy after I first purchased it a yr in the past, I made a decision to place an entire Mac1 equipment in it, and authentic Smith & Wesson set off components on this pistol.

Why would I throw over $100 in components right into a Daisy 790?

1. I don’t personally personal a S&W 79g at the moment.
2. Its a really constant shooter.
3. It’s correct so it deserves to be loved.
4. It’s now the one Daisy 790 I do know of with an adjustable set off .

We are going to cowl accuracy in a future article.


Smith & Wesson began off with an excellent pistol, however due to authorized strain they needed to delete a few of the higher options.

They bought the airgun division to Daisy, who selected to make extra compromises, which the purchasers didn’t like, so ultimately by means of lack of gross sales it was finally dropped from manufacturing.

The aftermarket poppets appear to shoot extra constantly than the manufacturing facility ones.

If you may get Smith & Wesson 78 or 79 with the adjustable set off, you’ll like it. Not having an adjustable set off is just not a deal breaker, because the non-adjustable set off continues to be shootable. And the pistol was made within the USA, by Smith & Wesson, not in China underneath their license.

The Daisy line?

They had been made within the USA, they are often correct, they are often resealed, however set off clever, you get what you get, as aftermarket set off upgrades are nonexistent — until you discover somebody on eBay parting out an adjustable set off Smith & Wesson.

45 Bravo.


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