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June 22nd, 2019

The Most Unbelievable Accuracy in Historical past — However It’s Not a Report

Gary Ocock Rail Gun Unlimited Target Visalia CA 6 PPC IBS NBRSA
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5 targets, every with FIVE pictures in primarily one gap. The occasions of this story occurred two years in the past. We’re reprising our report as a result of this five-target Mixture arguably represents probably the most spectacular feat of 100-yard accuracy within the historical past of marksmanship on this planet.

Take a look at these 5 targets. The Mixture (common) of all 5 targets is a tiny 0.0840 inches! These have been shot by Gary Ocock at 100 yards in a California benchrest match on August 6, 2017. Although Gary’s 0.0840 Agg beats present information, this was not a “sanctioned” match, so Gary’s killer Agg will NOT be submitted for IBS or NBRSA information. So, sadly, the Agg gained’t seem within the report books, however this stays a spectacular, verified feat of rifle accuracy, completed in competitors.

The argument might be made that that is the Most Correct Gun Ever Constructed. So far as we will decide, nobody has ever shot a smaller 5-target Agg anyplace, at any time.

The Limitless Benchrest Report That Will By no means Be (Official)

Report by Boyd Allen
Gary Ocock’s gorgeous limitless Mixture is past wonderful. That’s a median of 5, 5-shot teams of .0840. Shot below sanctioned match guidelines, however at an unsanctioned 100-yard enjoyable match, this Mixture is effectively below the present 100-yard official information of the IBS (.1386), and the NBRSA (.1242). The fourth of the 5 teams measured a minuscule .018, lower than half the dimensions of the present NBRSA Limitless report of .049 (additionally shot by Gary). Test it out:

Gary Ocock Rail Gun Unlimited Target Visalia CA 6 PPC IBS NBRSA

Gary Ocock Rail Gun Unlimited Target Visalia CA 6 PPC IBS NBRSA
When the highest 15 shooters all publish teen Aggs, situations have to be fairly favorable. Nonetheless there have been some gentle switchy winds — Gary stated that he shot higher within the left to proper situation.

Ocock’s pink Jay Younger Limitless Railgun options one main distinction from Younger’s typical Railgun designs. The underside of the barrel block is integral with the highest (shifting half), of the gun. The barrel is Ocock’s regular 1:13.5″-twist Krieger chambered for the 6 PPC. The BAT Neuvo motion* is uncommon in that its lugs are horizontal at lock-up as a substitute of the same old vertical. With horizontal lugs, each lugs preserve contact with their abutments when the motion is cocked. Within the extra regular configuration when cocked the highest lug is pressured off of its seat by a mixture of the angle of the set off cocking piece interface, the stress of the striker spring, and bolt clearance on the rear of the motion.

Gary shot this outstanding Agg with well-used brass, Vihtavuori N133 powder, and self-made 66gr BT bullets** seated at “jam”. This wonderful Agg was shot on the second day of a 2-day Limitless Benchrest match. On Day 1 Gary had experimented with varied hundreds utilizing each surplus IMR 8208 and Vihtavuori N133, however was not glad with the outcomes. For his first group on Day 2, Gary tried a lightweight load of N133. After seeing the outcome, nevertheless, he determined to go to the opposite excessive — an excellent stout N133 load — with the identical powder. As you possibly can see, Gary’s willingness to experiment paid off.

Gary Ocock Rail Gun Unlimited Target Visalia CA 6 PPC IBS NBRSA

Notably, Gary used gentle neck pressure. Ocock discovered that for these bullets and this barrel, gentle neck pressure labored greatest (opposite to “regular” N133 benchrest apply). Ocock used a bushing that solely produces .001″ distinction between the diameters of sized and loaded case necks.

Touch upon Ocock’s Achievement
Congratulations to Gary Ocock for excellent capturing (and good loading). Regardless that the match was not sanctioned (so the Agg won’t ever be a report), Ocock has raised the bar very excessive, and given us a brand new customary of final accuracy.

Although this 0.0840 Mixture and 0.018 group won’t ever go into the report group, they’re nonetheless noteworthy. There’s nearly little question that they’d have survived inspection by any report committee. Aside from the shortage of mounted backers, an IBS requirement (for detecting cross-fires), all different situations have been met for an officially-sanctioned match.

*The brand new BAT Neuvo actions are the results of a collaboration between Dwight Scott, and Bruce Thom, that includes Dwight’s concepts and BAT’s confirmed manufacturing experience.

** Ocock shot his personal, boat-tail match bullets, made with George Ulrich-crafted dies utilizing Hood cores. Though he stated that it had been some time since he had weighed any, his greatest guess was that they weigh one thing round 66.5 grains.

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