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Surviving: Publish Apocalyptic Survival fiction (The Adventures of John Harris E-book 1) was a free Kindle e book when this was posted.

 It is a conservative view of what can occur in our future. Rogue
authorities officers conspire with Iran and a significant drug lord to reshape
the world. Over 16 main US and plenty of international cities have been nuked.
The USA has misplaced all electronics as a consequence of a number of EMP blasts. The USA has
reverted to lawless gangs and thugs taking up cities. The US
Authorities is forcing most residents into work camps for his or her

It is a post-apocalyptic story about how a hero,
John Harris, leads a bunch of individuals in rebuilding the nation after a
coalition of rogue US Authorities brokers, Islamic Terrorists, and Drug
Cartels kill over 200 million individuals within the USA and Western Europe with
nuclear bombs and nuclear EMP blasts. The rogue Division of Homeland
Safety is relocating residents to re-education camps and killing anybody
who resists. There isn’t any electrical energy and meals and water are working
out. Looting, rioting and gang violence are the rule of the day. John’s
workforce fights for survival in opposition to very lengthy odds, however John is a tough man
for arduous instances. The six e book collection spans from 2020 to 2048.


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