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This looks as if a giant deal

U.S. Marine Corps Adopts SIG Sauer M18 Handgun

I’ve really contemplated getting the M17 simply to have an Military gun. Odd I by no means felt that means concerning the Beretta 92.

Posted in uncategorized on June 20th, 2019
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7 Responses to “This looks as if a giant deal”

  1. Ken in NH Says:

    Want a job? Come to NH. Sig is right here and so they have been rising massively since getting severe about chasing army contracts.

  2. Paul Says:

    “I’ve really contemplated getting the M17 simply to have an Military gun. Odd I by no means felt that means concerning the Beretta 92.”

    100 % agree. By no means cared for the M9. Tried in on the vary and the grip was simply to huge.

  3. JTC Says:

    Yeah, you in all probability don’t care a lot for cumbersome, recalcitrant, fat-bottomed girls both. No love from me for the B92 ever.

  4. RandyGC Says:

    Most likely as a result of it was clunky with poor ergonomics within the grip design and (on those I attempted) a crappy set off.

    And the the protection was backwards (versus the correctly designed ones on the 1911 and Browning Hello-Energy, I.E. as decreed by JMB, PBUH)

  5. ExpatNJ Says:

    Good that Sig stayed within the northeast.
    Patriots behind enemy strains will want arms.

  6. Matt Fulghum Says:

    As a man that did most of his growin’ up within the late 70s to the 80s, I had a sure fascination with the 92 collection; it was in every single place on the tube, and extra journal covers than I need to suppose. That fascination stopped the second I dealt with one on my 21st birthday, in a unbelievable pawnshop that received tornadoed in Tuscaloosa a couple of years again.

    the 320 fullsize that I did wind up shopping for matches my hand far more naturally, factors higher for me, and once more, for me, places up higher teams than any of the berettas I’ve performed round with. I’d like to have one of many m17 kits, as a result of cool, however my spouse would possible use the field to render me unconscious.

  7. JTC Says:

    @Matt, you completely illustrate there my longstanding and completely unscientific methodology…once more referencing the parallel to a girl:

    Maintain this fat-bottomed unbalanced unwieldy factor for a second, then this right here shapely, comely, snug one, then take into account which one you may need to attempt to develop a relationship with.

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