There’s a New Frangible Load in City, and Wow Does it Work – On Summer season Produce!


Telos is a brand new model of frangible ammunition line from G2 Analysis, the identical firm that gave us radical-expansion R.I.P. defensive ammo. I’m a giant fan of frangible ammunition for civilian defensive use, so I used to be fortunately excited when G2 Analysis accredited a extremely unscientific however enjoyable assessment with a comparability to a typical non-frangible model.

A couple of alternative samples of summertime produce had been fatally harmed within the making of this text.

For these not already acquainted with frangible ammunition, it refers to bullets made from compressed, powdered mineral(s). Relying on the supplies used within the bullet, penetration of strong objects like wooden, concrete block, and metal can differ. Its destruction of sentimental tissue targets is outstanding, as the acute fragmentation normally creates each dramatic preliminary impression in addition to a number of wound channels. Particularly with fashionable hole level frangible, these wound channels declare a a lot wider space than is achieved with conventional ammunition. Frangible rounds instantly disintegrate when fired into hardened, poured concrete or AR500-grade metal targets.

Velos model frangible is produced from pure copper. The bullets are designed as hole factors. Thus they ship no lead downrange nor into the surroundings.

What’s counter-intuitive about frangible is its impact on just about any preliminary goal apart from metal and poured concrete. It’s, in a phrase, devastating. I assumed it’d be enjoyable to ship downrange some Velos 45 Lengthy Colt, together with some Winchester ball ammo for comparability’s sake. And since paper targets can solely ship a lot enjoyable, I added some produce to the combo.

All testing was executed from a supported susceptible place from 25 yards. The produce rested on a makeshift, however regular, desk. The gun:  a fantastic shade case hardened Large Boy carbine by Henry Repeating Arms, beforehand reviewed right here on Out of doors Hub.

Earlier than commencing with fruit-shooting, I in contrast the rounds on paper with three-shot teams. Winchester 250 grain ball ammo proved exact, with three photographs positioned about an inch into the seven-o’clock mark from level of intention. Velos, described on the field as “160 grain common,” with a factory-reported muzzle velocity of 975 ft per second. The Velos landed in a two-inch group, at six-o’clock from level of intention, a shocking 3.5 inches low—a bit counter-intuitive contemplating its decrease grain weight.  I didn’t chronograph both load for this check.

The Cantaloupe Take a look at

Frangible Load

Winchester totally minimize an approximate 1/6 slice from the fruit, leaving the tissue within the spherical’s path fairly scrambled and a single crack that just about break up it in half. Admittedly, this primary hit was barely off-center due to having to take care of a compensating maintain.

Velos wasn’t practically as well mannered. Seeds and juice soaked the desk. In a six-foot radius behind the desk lay the 4 recoverable chunks of what was left of Mr. Cantaloupe.

Frangible Load

The Watermelon Take a look at

Every roundish melon was fired upon with the purpose of intention being the stem aspect. Winchester delivered a blow that resembled a decapitation; taking off the highest third of the watermelon as a complete, leaving a pair deep cracks within the rind of the decrease half and disrupting the “meat” of all the fruit.

Frangible Load

Spectacular, sure, however Telos once more did extra. The frangible load blew the melon in an eight-foot radius, liquefying the meat of the biggest of the 4 remnant chunks. Anyone inform the Waring blender individuals they’ve new competitors.

Frangible Load

Saving The Greatest for Final: The Coconut Take a look at

Winchester gave my sick humorousness a chuckle with this one; When hit with the Winchester spherical, the coconut rolled off the desk in what appeared like sluggish movement. And behind the desk, our topic laid face-down in a pool of its personal water. Upon turning it over, a grimaced expression was seen, its pores and skin torn again in a crooked fracture with the flesh wanting like enamel beneath.

Frangible Load

Velos—oh, Velos. Whereas the Winchester coconut fell lackadaisically to its demise, the Velos topic simply disappeared. Upon nearer inspection, I recovered 4 chunks, one even in entrance of the desk it had rested on. The chunks had been strewn in a 16-foot radius. Mightily spectacular.

New Frangible Load

G2 Analysis Has Completed it Once more

Telos producer G2 Analysis claims Velos is designed for a penetration depth of 10 or extra inches, and has a diffusion of three+ inches throughout the goal—astonishing compared to the customary 150 % growth anticipated from conventional hole factors. Additionally they promise seven completely different wound channels. This ammunition is listed on the corporate web site as a handgun load, and definitely that’s the place we most frequently see 45LC.  Nonetheless, there’s no cause to hesitate to run it in a rifle or carbine as a defensive or close-range, medium recreation cartridge. Whereas meat loss could also be extra in comparison with a conventional bullet, there’s no concern of lead contamination with Velos.

New Frangible Load
Telos could also be made for handguns, but it surely ran fantastic on this Henry carbine

A scholar of frangible ammo efficiency won’t be stunned by these efficiency requirements. G2 Analysis established a popularity for high-performance defensive ammo with its authentic R.I.P. load. It seems that Telos is a continuation of that normal.

This beginner linguist needed to analysis the that means of the title. Telos has Latin roots. Its fashionable definition means “endgame” or “final finish.”  Pronunciation is both TELL-loss or TEE-loss.  Keenan: Please made positive italicization is preserved in posted copy. If that doesn’t work, citation marks are okay. Thanks.

Telos ammunition is just not precisely straightforward to search out. However it may be discovered or ordered by means of quite a few native sellers utilizing the searchable map on the G2 Analysis web site. As with every different high-quality defensive ammunition, count on to pay roughly $1 per spherical.


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