Operating Zigzag: Is It Basically Helpful In Threat Evasion?


Operating zigzag in self-defense may well have been helpful in some situations of threat evasion, but is it usually helpful? Study on to know a lot more!

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Operating Zigzag: A Self-Defense and Survival Strategy?

Operating Zigzag Tested for Effectiveness in Threat Evasion

For my complete life – actually – given that I can try to remember, I’ve heard numerous men and women say when evading a threat you ought to run in angles and random patterns.

I just assumed this was a all-natural defense to make it tougher for an assailant to catch you. Like a leftover evolutionary instinct to support us escape the jaws of saber tooth tigers.

And there is a lot of proof in nature to assistance this theory.

If you watch a rabbit run away from you or attempt to evade a predator they do not run in a straight line. They zig-zag back and forth to throw off and put on out their chaser.

This behavior can be observed amongst numerous distinctive species of animal on most likely just about every continent.

So it appears plausible that this is an helpful way to evade capture or danger correct? Effectively, I lately came across some exciting info from the President of Active Response Coaching, Greg Ellifritz.

Greg is a complete-time firearms and defense education workplace for an Ohio police division as effectively and most likely knows a issue or two about evading an assailant.

Not too long ago he performed an experiment to see if operating serpentine could support you escape becoming hit by an assailant with a gun or active shooters and the benefits had been surprising.

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Zigzag Run Test Outcomes

For the test, he utilised knowledgeable shooters and had men and women run away from them in a straight line, in the crouch position, and in a zigzag pattern.

The test utilised simunitions, fired from a reside round in genuine Glock 17 pistol.

What Are Simunitions? These are education ammunition utilised by military forces and law enforcement agencies. They are normally created of wax and it enables trainees to use the weapon they are truly carrying to do their job.

The shooter began with their back turned and the particular person escaping had to make a 30-yard distance and get behind cover without having receiving hit. Right here are the benefits.

Zigzag run test results | Running Zigzag: Is It Actually Effective In Threat Evasion?

So what can we conclude from these benefits?

I believe that we can conclude that operating in a zigzag pattern is not as helpful as we believed.

It may well support slightly but with the advent of contemporary weapons, it leaves our evolutionary instincts for survival ineffective.

Right here are the crucial takeaway points that Ellifritz concluded from his study.

  1. Speed is crucial. The more rapidly you can get out of variety or behind cover the safer you will be. Operating in a zigzag pattern can take longer to get away.
  2. Operating in zigzag ought to not be the default strategy for every person.
  3. Zigzag operating may well not be advised for men and women with weak knees or ankles or men and women carrying a lot of further weight – either from intense obesity or heavy packs and armor.
  4. Operating in a zigzag pattern tends to make hits significantly less really serious.
  5. Do not run in a crouched position either straight or in a zigzag pattern whilst in the open. Only crouch when you are staying low behind cover.
  6. For these that can not run quickly, the zigzag is probably the ideal choice.


Primarily based on the info from his study I think that a zigzag pattern could be a lot more helpful than operating in a straight line, but only slightly.

On the other hand, if you are a wonderful sprinter, then operating in a straight line could advantage you a lot more.

However for me, an ankle accident a handful of years back killed any aspirations I may have had at becoming a very good sprinter.

This video from Jim Wagner will show you how operating zigzag away from an active shooter could be an helpful self-defense method:

Though usually ineffective as a self-defense technique, you can nevertheless take into consideration operating zigzag as a way to escape a threat. 1 slightly helpful self-defense strategy or technique is much better than absolutely nothing at all.

So what about you, will you run away in a straight line or a zigzag pattern? Let me know why you decide on your preferred technique of flight from danger in the comments section beneath!

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