NAT’L – Business INSIDER – What’s truly causing the slump in US gun sales?


With gun sales falling for the second consecutive year, some have proclaimed the US firearms marketplace to be in a permanent state of decline. Barack Obama was after deemed to be the greatest gun salesman in the US. Below his presidency, firearms purchases reached record highs as Americans became increasingly concerned that he would push by way of legislation restricting gun ownership. Such legislation in no way came to fruition, but it definitely was mooted – adequate to result in a surge in sales, anyway. Below President Donald Trump, the business has a really unique complexion. Final year, gun sales fell by six.1 % – the second straight year of decline. When it would be quick to interpret this as a sign of an business in crisis, in reality, it is most likely to be small far more than an overdue marketplace correction. The political climate in the US has generally had a enormous bearing on the firearms marketplace, but that does not imply firearms suppliers have reacted with complacency to the current downturn. Attempts to broaden the buyer base have largely verified powerful, especially relating to female purchasers. In reality, in spite of decrease sales figures, the firearms business has demonstrated outstanding resilience more than the previous couple of years: it remains a $28bn business, and it does not appear to be going anyplace just however.  [full article]


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