Yassine Diboun Sets Unsupported Mount St. Helens FKT


Operating about the volcanic landscape of Mount St. Helens is no simple feat. And on Monday, Yassine Diboun did it more rapidly than any person however.

On Monday, July 22, Yassine Diboun shaved off 42 seconds from the 7-year-old quickest recognized time about Mount. St. Helens by means of the Loowit Trail. The 32-mile Loowit Trail circumnavigates Mount St. Helens by way of debris fields, sharp volcanic rocks, and sand left by the eruption of St. Helens in 1980.

The route has been left very barren due to the fact the eruption. It cleared out most of the surrounding forest, producing the route exposed and hot with tiny water.

Diboun, a Columbia Montrail athlete, came in at an official time of five hours, 59 minutes, 16 seconds. The FKT, sponsored by Columbia, is 42 seconds below the prior record set by Max Ferguson in 2012.

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