DIY: How to Skip a Rock


Connecting to nature and getting joy in the outdoors does not have to imply climbing to the major of a remote mountain peak. There are all sorts of factors to find—from proper outdoors your door to just across town. Whether or not you are spending time with youngsters outdoors or seeking for an excuse to get some fresh air, these uncomplicated activities can give some inspiration. We think there are inquiries that only the outdoors can answer. If you have been asking yourself about how to do any of these factors, nicely, we’ve got you covered.

There are specific factors you can only discover out by becoming outdoors. A single of them is how entertaining it is to skip rocks on a calm physique of water. Acquiring it just right—and seeing how quite a few hops you can get your rock to take—can be a satisfying challenge no matter how young or old you are. That stated, it is not that simple to do. We break it down for you here—but really feel free of charge to leave your personal ideas and tricks in the comments beneath.

How to skip a rock

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1. The Rock

The perfect skipping stone is flat, tiny adequate to hold in 1 hand and not as well heavy.

two. The Grip

Hold the rock with your thumb on major and middle finger on the bottom. Then, wrap your index finger along the edge.

three. The Water

Flat, nevertheless water is very best (like a lake or pool in a stream). But a calm day on the ocean also operates. And make certain there’s practically nothing in your way initially!

four. The Stance

Face the water at a slight angle, knees bent, with your throwing hand behind you, palm up and elbow in at your side.

five. The Backswing

With the rock parallel to the water, bend your wrist back, but attempt to hold your chest facing the water.

six. The Release

Whip your arm forward, releasing the rock when it comes across your physique so it is parallel to the water. Attempt to flick your wrist at the finish and spin the rock so it bounces off the surface.

7. Attempt Once again


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