Chris from the Volunteer State sends us his “Don’t leave property with no it” EDC ensemble referred to as “A actual pocket dump.“

Like the J-Frame S&ampW Model 638 revolver.  It is a versatile, capable tool in skilled hands.  And it conceals nicely in pockets, purses and jackets.

Chris also has a reload on a Speed Strip.   Fantastic.  These rounds appear an awful lot like 158gr SWC-HP.   If they are fantastic adequate for the FBI, why not?  I’m positive I’ll be pilloried for my decision in .38 self-defense loads.  It is occurred just before.

Chris also has a affordable (“affordable” at beneath $40) out-the-front auto knife, along with a CRKT Pilar.  And a Leatherman Micra.

What do you carry in your .38 snubbie?