12 Greatest Hiding Spots For Valuables In Your House


12 Best Hiding Spots For Valuables In Your HomeI reside in a secure neighborhood in a town with a beneath-typical crime price, so I do not seriously have to be concerned about burglars. Even so, I nonetheless have a lot of house safety measures in spot, and for two factors:

1. Greater secure than sorry. Just for the reason that there is not considerably crime in my region does not imply I’ll never ever be robbed.

two. Crime will skyrocket immediately after the SHTF. This is my primary concern. Most folks only have a couple of days of meals in their houses. When it is all gone, some of them will start off looting their neighbor’s houses. Hunger can turn standard folks into animals.

If a person manages to get previous all of my house safety measures, I’d like to be capable to inform them that I do not have any meals or supplies left. Hopefully, they will give up seeking and move on. But that will only occur if I have some extremely very good hiding spots.

In this video, Penny University suggests 10 hiding spots for your valuables. Right here are his recommendations:

1. In survival caches. Hide them all more than your house or along your bug out route.

two. Below your bathroom sink. Place your valuables in a box of Tampons or other inconspicuous containers.

three. In your kitchen. There are lots of nooks and crannies you can turn into hiding spots. For instance, you could make a false back in a cabinet.

four. Above drop ceilings. It is extremely simple to hide products on the tiles in the ceiling. Just be cautious as they will only hold so considerably weight.

five. Inside false wall compartments. Construct removable panels into the wall behind paintings or in the back of closets.

six. Beneath a trap door in the floor. You could match a lot of factors underneath the floor if your house has a crawl space.

7. Inside air ducts. Attempt attaching products to a cord so you can pull them all out of the duct when you will need them.

eight. Behind a fake air vent. Just reduce a hole in the wall and spot an air vent more than it.

9. In the attic. Generate a hidden compartment in your attic behind the insulation.

10. Inside false PVC piping. Most folks would never ever feel to verify inside pipes.

11. In a repurposed crawlspace. There is a lot of additional space down there.

12. Below the stairs. There is a lot of unused space below staircases.

Watch the video beneath for images of these hiding spots and extra specifics about them.


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