Braver Biking: Women’s Mountain Biking Workshop


Braver Biking: Women’s Mountain Biking Workshop

By Liz Dunham

I have a mountain bike. It is a Stump Jumper. It is old, like me, and does not get out as normally as it would like, also like me.

I went to a mountain bike workshop to modify that.

The workshop was June 29 by way of Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance. I’m a functioning mother, so I heard about this workshop 3 days prior to it was taking spot. I nonetheless went, on a Saturday morning, simply because the group seemed to match me completely: It was for ladies like me who are not specialists but wanted to strengthen their fundamental capabilities, perhaps even to the point exactly where they could go with their expanding youngsters devoid of killing themselves.

There had been five of us ladies lined up at Squilchuck State Park. This was a newcomers session, taught by two volunteer, female instructors, Ashley and Kate. I had not been to Squilchuck in a year or much more, but I had heard of the remarkable trail constructing that was taking spot. Certainly there was a significant instruction ground, with jumps, log bridges, figure 8’s, and all manner of obstacles. Our group was comprised of girls with a range of backgrounds, but they had been either newcomers or wanted to get out much more and ride with talent and self-assurance.

Certain adequate, I had the oldest bike there, but that didn’t cease me from not only participating but understanding from and even enjoying the workshop. Right here are some of the items we discovered:

  • Positions — Soon after a demonstration from our great instructors, we all hopped on our bikes. A neutral position is a relaxed standing, knees and elbows bent position, and it transitions nicely to a prepared position, which is leaning forward with our elbows at 90 degrees.

Prepared can also be known as the “attack” position, which we all decided we preferred.  Prepared could imply something – prepared to crash?! — when attack position gave us a small much more confidence and prepared to attack the course.

  • Braking, cornering and downhill riding — OK, now we got to the scary element of mountain biking correct away: Going speedy and going downhill, which are not exclusive. Kate and Ashlely gave us some very good ideas. It is vital to use each front and back brakes collectively. You really should also turn your torso toward the path you want to go (just like skiing) and move your core back and “push” your bike back more than bumps as you speed downhill.
  • Physique manage — Speaking of that final talent, we talked a small about physique manage. You let your bike move more than bumps and obstacles when your physique stays pretty steady. My most valuable mantra from the class was “eyes ahead, not on the tread,” reminding me to appear ahead and not get distracted by what is in front of me.

It is vital to appear ahead at exactly where you want to go, not at exactly where you do not want to go, as our physique tends to stick to our eyes. This is also accurate for operating, hockey and other sports.

  • New attributes on the bike — My bike is old, but I discovered about probable upgrades or why new technologies is vital. New attributes such as wider tires, a dropper seat and disc brakes can all strengthen stabiliy.

Ashley and Kate had been great. They had been exceptional mountain bikers with substantial practical experience, and they had been upbeat, encouraging, gave good suggestions and gave us a lot of encouragement. They had been a major purpose by lunch time I had 5 new, non-intimidating mates to join me for future rides. I am searching forward to much more mountain bike rides and workshops by way of Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance. I had a good morning and cannot wait to get out and practice my capabilities. I may perhaps even choose up a new bike at some point.

For much more info about upcoming bike workshops, rides and events you can verify out the nearby evergreen web-site for central Washington:


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