Dogs really feel the effects of altitude sickness, as well — The Know


Stephen Hillen and Kath Allen stroll with Henry and LuLu in the course of a hike at Chautauqua Park on June 17, 2016. (Autumn Parry, The Day-to-day Camera file)

FRISCO — Continual panting, lethargy, anorexia are a couple of indicators your pet could be struggling to acclimate to higher altitude, according to Dr. Danielle Jehn, of Frisco Animal Hospital.

She also stated prevalent canine ailments — such as heart murmur, asthma, anemia and extra — are exacerbated at altitude, a lot like in humans.

The animal hospital also sees laceration and abrasion injuries from hikes that are as well lengthy, such as 14ers.

“I would also adore to be in a position to inform all vacationers to take it effortless on their canine counterparts though going to us in Summit County, as properly,” she stated in a weblog post. “Altitude sickness is genuine for humans and dogs, alike.”

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