Evaluation: BLACKHAWK! T-Series Retention Holster


Blackhawk T-Series Holster - side view

A couple of years ago, my son carried a BLACKHAWK! Serpa retention holster for the duration of most of his overseas deployment.

I bought the holster on my personal time (and with my personal dime) simply because I wanted him to have the very best.

The young Captain voiced no complaints on the holster’s functionality.

The Serpa demands focus to detail and instruction. A new holster that is billed as the successor to the Serpa, on the other hand, is the T-Series Retention Holster.

This is a retention holster with quite a few excellent options. Study on to find out much more about them.

All About the Levels

As quite a few of you are conscious, holsters are typically rated at Retention 1, two or three, based on the level of difficulty and the quantity of holster latches or movements necessary to release the handgun.

Here’s a breakdown of the level definitions:

  • Level 1 usually implies the holster has only passive retention. It could be an open-major or thumb break holster.
  • Level two implies there is one more retention device other than friction or compression. A button, strap, snap or lever is employed.
  • Level three retention is a holster with each a strap and a hood, or possibly a hidden snap that have to be activated. Or, a specific angle at which the handgun have to be angled to draw.

The spring-loaded Berns Martin holster was amongst the 1st holsters providing a forward-variety draw against spring stress. The Serpa is amongst the most contemporary and broadly distributed.

Most concealed carry holsters price at Level 1 at very best. Level two holsters are often employed by peace offices for concealed carry.

The target is not only to retain the weapon, but to avoid an assailant from gaining handle of the firearm as nicely.

For quite a few years, the difficult and quickly rule that 1 in 5 officers killed by firearms have been shot with their personal sidearm.

Blackhawk T-Series holster thumb release design.
Note T-Lok and thumb release design and style.

Modern day instruction and retention holsters have changed this to an extent, but the issue is genuine.

Keep in mind, no matter how the fight goes, there is constantly 1 gun on the web-site and that is your gun.

A holster with some variety of retention that the user could disengage comparatively rapidly is essential.

How the T-Series Retention Holster Performs

The T-Series Retention Holster needs a thumb-activated retention device.

When you grip the handgun, your thumb will naturally be in a position to press the T-Series retention lever and release the mechanical grip on the firearm.

The release is activated by pressing inward toward the holster with the shooter’s thumb. A spring-loaded lock achieves retention by locking on the trigger guard.

The release lever is resistant to lateral stress. It could only be activated from straight above the holstered handgun.

T-Series Holster above view.
The T Series holsters’ variety of adjustment is surprising.

Only the wearer is most likely to be capable to obtain this draw angle. A Level three version is also obtainable with a rotating security strap.

Even with this further level of safety, each the trigger guard device and the rotating strap are released by the thumb-activated lever.

The holster is constructed of contemporary supplies with a stronger outer shell and a mechanism and physique that is waterproof and impervious to oil, solvent and perspiration.

An adjustment screw enables the user to adjust the friction essential to preserve the pistol steady in the holster. Some like a difficult tug on the draw, some like much less stress.

This operates for each.

Other Style Options

The holster retains BLACKHAWK’s belt loop spacers. The holster could be adjusted for vertical or forward rake.

The swift-detach belt loop is really safe, robust, and nicely created. I employed a lengthy-serving Glock 17 in the evaluation.

The T-Series demands instruction, but the draw is organic and the thumb release is not a challenge to use rapidly.

As opposed to the regular thumb break, in which the thumb is moved in an arc to release, the thumb have to be moved straight down and onto the release.

Blackhawk T-Series Retention Holster paddle view
Note the significant paddle for releasing the holster’s grip on the handgun. This is sophisticated engineering that operates as created.

This requires time to find out. Immediately after a couple of dozen draws you will be capable. I suggest 500 productive presentations, the similar as with any variety of duty or concealed carry holster.


Although I have the greatest respect for the Serpa, some did not acclimate as nicely to the use of the trigger finger to actuate the handgun release.

The new design and style does appear more rapidly on the variety. The thumb does all of the operate in releasing retention.

The holster tested does not function the major strap, which I would suggest for duty use. The look would be much more company-like.

Just the similar the holster tested meets my criteria as a duty holster. It is powerful, nicely created, delivers excellent retention, and delivers a sharp draw.

In the finish? The BLACKHAWK! T-Series get a clean bill of overall health and a excellent recommendation.

What do you assume of the BLACKHAWK! T-Series Retention Holster? Have you employed the Serpa? Let us know in the comments under.


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