It is ok, I’m not lonely….


In the final 24 hours I have received several concerned and caring messages for which I am incredibly grateful. I believe every person now thinks I am lonely. Maybe I should really hold it that way due to the fact I possibly should really be.

Alone in the desert

The truth is, I&#8217m not and perhaps that is the dilemma. I&#8217m getting the absolute time of my life and I can&#8217t aid feeling guilty. In truth, I&#8217m getting such a great time that I just spoke to my boss yesterday and had my profession break extended till the 1st of May well &#8211 yep two additional months,

I could travel forever, going to new areas and meeting new men and women. I knew I would appreciate the encounter but I hoped I would like it much less than this, in a strange way, due to the fact it just tends to make me hungry for additional.

I can&#8217t get sufficient of the each day adventure and that small bit of worry when travelling to a new location. Later now I fly to Colombia on my personal and have no accommodation booked or program on exactly where I will go. I appreciate it, I&#8217ll possibly do a rapid Google and book a thing at the airport.

Travelling for me is the ultimate in freedom, going wherever I really feel, anytime I really feel. Nevertheless, I really feel immense guilt in saying that due to the fact it suggests that I really feel trapped in my &#8216actual&#8217 life back household, which I don&#8217t.

I&#8217ve had quite a few conversations with men and women more than the final six weeks and every single time I am asked about household, I really feel additional and additional proud. I have THE MOST supportive mum who is seeking soon after our 3 cats as we speak, each parents who just accept my choices and inform me to do what tends to make me pleased, and two beautiful brothers who produced certain they gave me a correct send off.

My pals accept that I&#8217m a small diverse and will generally come back, like a boomerang. In truth, this is the third time I&#8217ve disappeared for more than 3 months and they are quietly supportive. In truth, small Nat will meet me in Costa Rica in a single months&#8217 time in search of sloths &#8211 can&#8217t blooming wait!

Then comes Adam, the particular person I chose and promised to devote the rest of my life with.

Not after has he produced me really feel like my dreams are out of attain or unrealistic. If something, he offers me the self-confidence to give it a go. We are additional related than men and women may perhaps know each dreaming significant and daring to think it may be probable.

It have to be tough to know your wife is alone in South America and you can&#8217t appear soon after her. Generally, he doesn&#8217t even know which nation of area I am in due to the fact I&#8217ll go someplace new on a whim or catch a flight to stay away from a violent protest on route.

Our conversations consistently commence &#8220so exactly where are you now?&#8221

I inform him about the hike to the Lost Canyon I just did, or the sand-boarding down substantial dunes, or the busy city life of Lima.

The lost canyon

I inform him about the men and women I have met or am now travelling with. Commonly these are other female solo travellers but often they are male. I inform him regardless due to the fact, while it may perhaps really feel a small weird, I have no intention of hiding a single element of this encounter from my husband.

When I inform men and women I&#8217m married, they are intrigued. Why aren&#8217t we travelling with each other?The truth is, there are particular components of this trip he seriously wouldn&#8217t take pleasure in. He&#8217d appreciate components of it like the hikes and climbing mountains and in these moments I want he was stood by my side.

Nevertheless, he&#8217d dislike some of the cities, and quite a few components of backpacking like sleeping in dorms and meeting a million new men and women per day. Some of them absolute dicks as well.

That&#8217s ok, Adam and I know our variations and we embrace them, leaving space for every single other to discover these issues alone. I am so unbelievably fortunate and grateful to be offered the trust and the chance to do what I am carrying out.

BUT, right here comes the dilemma. I mentioned currently, I am getting the time of my life and I want to share it. Nevertheless, I am acutely conscious that life at household continues for every person else, Function doesn&#8217t disappear, bills have to be paid, horrendous new Prime Ministers get elected, relationships continue, kitchens nevertheless have to have renovating, and kids turn a further year older.

I&#8217m missing quite a few issues and I really feel guilty as hell. Content Birthday Sienna, Amy I&#8217m so sorry I missed it, Alisha I&#8217m sorry I will miss your birthday celebrations tomorrow, mum I&#8217m sorry I won&#8217t be there to aid opt for the paint for your kitchen walls. I&#8217ll make up for it.

In spite of anything I&#8217m missing, I am not lonely. I miss every person but I really feel ok about it. I&#8217m alone but surrounded by men and women at the identical. In the final six weeks, I&#8217ve possibly had two days by myself and even then have had dinner with a person or chatted in a coffee shop or hostel.

If something I&#8217m attempting not to make pals at occasions due to the fact I seek alone time to wander and get lost in a new location or to sit and create down my feelings like now &#8211 sat in a ten bed dorm with my head torch on and the curtain drawn across my bed. In my personal private piece of this fantastic significant adventure on the other side of the planet.

If something, I want to share additional. I didn&#8217t believe I would want to weblog, picking to be in the moment and save it all for when I get household. In reality, I want to share additional of this encounter with you as it takes place how it feels, smells, sounds, appears and tastes.

Writing about moments assists to concrete them in memory forever and permits me to bridge the gap involving right here (wherever right here may perhaps be) and household. Buses, planes, and quiet days give me time to breathe, reflect and consolidate.

So, in conclusion to my strange small brain dump, don&#8217t be concerned about me due to the fact I am pleased, really pleased. I am operating on some small videos which will show additional about why this is a trip of a lifetime and I hope you take pleasure in the insight into this crazy small planet of mine.

Let me know what you believe, leave me a comment or a thing, I can&#8217t get letters right here 🙂

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