LandShark Emergency Bivy Bag Evaluation


I consider this sweet new emergency shelter method from Land Shark is possibly the third most overlooked item for a Bug Out Bag.  See some of the other most often overlooked survival and prepping things in this playlist:

A great sleeping method that is light and compact but really productive and developing a micro atmosphere and assisting you to retain your core physique temperature at 98.six degrees is vital to have in a bug out bag or survival kit.  A tiny space blankets perform to a degree but they are inexpensive crap compared to the Land Shark! Go to to verify the out!

This emergency bivy bag is waterproof and windproof! It can even be applied in water if you have a private flotation device to retain you afloat. The bivy is reinforced with ripstop stitching all through and double sewn seams. It is really challenging! The downside to it getting completely waterproof and windproof is that you will will need to actively handle that air flow into and out of the ivy bag in order to prevent condensation on the inside of the bag.  However, this is very easily achieved mainly because most individuals do not completely “sleep” in the course of survival circumstances, so opening the ivy bag opening as required is an uncomplicated and all-natural activity to achieve instinctively.

The LandShark Emergency Bivy bag will give some individuals a bit of sticker shock but to them I would say how a lot would you be prepared to spend for a bivy bag if you have been with no a single in a survival circumstance?  This bag is vacuum packed, really slim and light weight and will be great for years to come!

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What Emergency Survival Bivy Bag Do You Choose?


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