Living off the grid and driving an electric vehicle is this former farmer’s concept of heaven


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Sylvia Wilson and her now late husband Rod wanted to prove a point when they decided to reside off the grid and convert their house to solar energy.

Inside a couple of years Ms Wilson had undertaken a 20,000-kilometre journey about Australia in her electric vehicle with charging expenses of $150.

The former farmer mentioned her passion for hunting immediately after the atmosphere and Rod’s interest in technologies led them to pursue a far more sustainable life-style at their house close to Calliope in central Queensland.

They began by installing 32 solar panels, but immediately after adding air conditioning and an electric vehicle into the mix, they ended up needing 12 far more.

“We’ve got 44 altogether now — except if there’s a lengthy wet week, I’m fine,” Ms Wilson mentioned.

Sylvia Wilson and her dog Diggy in front of their home Photo: Sylvia Wilson says she lives extremely comfortably off the grid. (ABC Capricornia: Erin Semmler)

Prior to Mr Wilson’s death in 2017, curiosity also drove the couple to obtain an electric vehicle on the net.

“One evening at nine o’clock I mentioned [to my husband] ‘this corporation is exciting, these automobiles are hunting fairly good’,” she mentioned.

“He came and sat beside me and we purchased it inside an hour by means of the online.

“And of course we’d under no circumstances sat in one particular and under no circumstances drove one particular, and 10 weeks later it turned up on the back of the truck.

“We have been each extremely excited but a bit apprehensive mainly because I’d under no circumstances driven an electric vehicle.”

Sylvia Wilson purchased an electric car three years ago Photo: Sylvia Wilson drove her electric vehicle about Australia for $150.90. (ABC Capricornia: Erin Semmler)

In 2018, Ms Wilson embarked on a 20,396-kilometre road trip about Australia — a journey she had wanted to do because obtaining the vehicle.

“It was 110 days and most of the locations we stayed have been extremely pleased for us to charge the vehicle there.”

In total, she spent $150.90 on electrical energy for the vehicle in the course of her 3-and-a-half-month trip.

The expenses

Ms Wilson mentioned the expense of installing solar panels and obtaining an electric vehicle had been worth the added benefits and lack of upkeep expenses.

“The setup expense is there it is a bit like insurance coverage, you invest in the future with insurance coverage and it is the similar with solar and with an electric vehicle.

“Once you get more than the hassle of considering about the revenue you have got to commit to do it, it is extremely uncomplicated, it is extremely expense powerful.

“[The solar panels] expense me a lot to set up but it expenses me practically nothing to run.”

She mentioned the total expense of owning an electric vehicle had decreased more than time.

“I haven’t spent considerably revenue, it hardly demands a service, it is magic.

“There’s so lots of fewer moving components in an electric vehicle than there are in an internal combustion engine.

“Your expense of operating the vehicle is considerably reduce, and of course when you have got solar, it reduces your energy bill.”

Powerlines for as far as the eye can see, amongst brown grass and a blue sky Photo: Switching off the grid was like “turning off an appliance” for Sylvia Wilson. (ABC Capricornia: Erin Semmler)

Switching off the grid

The Wilsons liked the concept of pushing traditional boundaries.

“We have been each attempting to prove a point — we believed in it, but could we do it?” Ms Wilson mentioned.

“And that is what we proved, that we can and extremely happily reside [off the grid].”

Her solar setup calls for the use of a battery bank and inverters.

“It’s an old-fashioned setup now mainly because we place it in in 2015, so they’re lead-acid batteries but hardly any upkeep has been needed,” she mentioned.

“It’s been a very good investment and it is been a very good experiment.”

And climate had seldom impacted her electrical energy method, Ms Wilson mentioned.

“There’s been a couple of cyclonic influences that have produced it overcast for 5 or six days, I’m fortunate right here that we’ve got other energy on the house,” she mentioned.

“I can plug in someplace else so it does not bother me.”

Sylvia Wilson says electric car technology is on the rise in Australia. Photo: Ms Wilson says she hasn’t looked back because obtaining her electric vehicle on the net. (ABC Capricornia: Erin Semmler)

How sensible is an electric vehicle?

Given that obtaining the vehicle in 2016, Ms Wilson mentioned infrastructure had enhanced significantly.

“Shopping centres correct up and down the coast now have two Tesla location chargers,” she mentioned.

“Because I have solar I commonly charge the vehicle in the course of the day — if I charge it at evening, I just have to watch that I do not deplete the [house] batteries also considerably.

“Because of my life-style, I’m not going to operate each and every day. A lot of people today charge at operate.”

Ms Wilson mentioned she and her husband have been fortunate to afford the vehicle but she understood that price tag was a significant element for most people today.

“Even just in 3 years because we’ve had the vehicle, the price tag of solar and these automobiles are beginning to come down.

“It will not be lengthy ahead of there’s a crossover point exactly where the electric automobiles are not far more high priced than a comparable internal combustion engine vehicle — I would say inside the subsequent 3 to 5 years.

“It’s becoming far more doable and not just wantable.”

Sylvia Wilson stands in front of her battery bank Photo: The method Ms Wilson installed in 2015 is now “old-fashioned”. (ABC Capricornia: Erin Semmler)

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