Project Vertical Summits Mt. Rainier


The team poses on the summit.

The group poses on the summit.

Final year, we partnered with Bight Gear to build the Project Vertical test group. Considering that then, the 4 group members have been out in the field all more than the nation and planet, from Rocky Mountain National Park to Aconcagua in Argentina. Their months of testing culminated with a climb of Mt. Rainier led by Bight Gear founder Peter Whittaker. We caught up with them just just after their ascent, and they all agreed on a handful of issues.

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The sunrise at 13,500 feet was a highlight for everyone. “After climbing beneath the stars for a number of hours, the sun lastly popped above the horizon and turned the whole mountain and clouds beneath us vibrant pink,” says Nate Dodge. “As a landscape photographer, I’ve observed a LOT of sunrises and this was by far the very best.”

There was also unanimous consent that they all discovered critical lessons, from technical snow capabilities to trusting your ropemates. “I discover anything new on every single single climb, which is one particular of the primary motives I am obsessed with the mountains,” says Sarah Lee.


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