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ProView – Wild Nation Mission Harness

The 1st issue you notice about the Women’s Mission Harness is the colour. Electric teal outlined by an orange so vibrant it appears like the extended lost cousin of a website traffic cone. This is not a jab at Wild Nation, this is a compliment. I, like a lot of other ladies in the outdoors, are tired of the regular pink and purple flowers that adorn so a lot of ‘women’s specific’ outside gear. In this harness, Wild Nation went with engineering anatomical variations in their men’s and women’s harnesses rather than aesthetic variations. Most notably, they have a wider and larger hip belt with extended leg loops to accommodate that booty. 

I’ve been climbing for six years, and this season I took the Women’s Mission Harness out into the wild for a test run.

Wild Nation Mission Harness

Item Description: The Wild Nation Men’s Mission Harness has a distinctive Dura-Weave building that is distinctive to any other climbing harness. Wild Nation wove this harness’s abrasion-resistant fabrics collectively in order to improve mobility and breathability. Its V-Flex waistband has an ergonomic profile that widens at the hip for an anatomic match. The harness’s new Ziplock 3D self-locking buckles have a slimmer profile, however stay absolutely safe, and the leg loops adjust to accommodate summer time or winter climbing attire. 5 spacious gear loops, ice clipper slots, and a haul loop safe adequate gear for trad and alpine routes.

Cost: MSRP: $79.95

  • Excellent
  • Options
  • Durability
  • Match


The harness is comfy, lightweight and I dig the colour scheme. The tiny buckles about the thighs and waist are a bit fiddly and the straps get twisted conveniently. General, a good trad harness with lots of capabilities and incredibly small space for improvement.


  • Wide hip loops and waistband for comfy all-day use
  • Square gear loops for effortless racking, twin ‘accessory slots’ for ice clippers
  • Women’s precise harness in a colour other than burnt purple.


  • Modest waist and thigh straps are complicated to tighten
  • Specifically when completely racked up


The Women’s Mission Harness waistband is wide and padded against the hips for all day comfort, although also pinching down in the back to permit bending devoid of folding the material. The leg loops are created in the identical style, wide comfy leg loops with narrow adjustable straps that will not inhibit your flexibility.

This harness only has 1 belay loop, but four square shaped gear loops which make racking and gear management a great deal a lot easier. The back of the harness sports a wide haul loop, and nestled in amongst the gear loops are two ‘ice clipper slots’ just in case you determine to take this harness ice climbing.


I took this harness out climbing each at the crag and the fitness center to see how it felt, and it is surely comfy. The wide waistband is really comfy, and their V-Flex shape is a game changer. When taking massive sport whips or chilling at a hanging belay, I didn’t notice any pinching or tugging in areas I wasn’t employed to. Regrettably, this harness hasn’t solved the trouble of ‘thigh loops getting the suitable size, but waistbands getting as well large’ for me. I had lots of space pull away from my hips at hanging belays and I locate myself attempting to tighten and retighten the waist strap all day extended, only to locate it wont cinch down any longer.


When I 1st place on the Wild Nation Women’s Mission harness I actually did not like the really feel of their ‘dura-weave’ abrasion resistant material. It felt stiff, and incredibly strange beneath my finger guidelines. That getting mentioned, soon after pushing my physique by means of a handful of squeeze chimneys and pouring a handful of days sweat into it, the material has softened and verified to be incredibly sturdy. When the buckles and belay loop are displaying indicators of my abuse, the mesh shows no apparent indicators of tearing or fraying.

Area for Improvement

The straps on this harness are the greatest situation for me. The waist strap in specific is incredibly thin, and I devote a lot of time untwisting the belt loop so it will lie flat. I consider if Wild Nation had gone with a wider, flatter waist strap they could have accomplished the identical comfort but with added ease of use. The buckles are incredibly modest, which is once again, fiddly and needs a lot more frequent consideration that I would like on my harness. Possessing to fiddle about with the modest thin belt feels insecure and also frustrating if I will need to take off my harness for a moment and then place it back on.


The harness weighs significantly less than 1 pound (419 grams) and fits comfortably into any backpack or day bag.

The Final Word

The Women’s Mission Harness is a comfy, fashionable, and functional trad harness. It is ergonomic style and durability make it a very good decision for these attempting to get into trad climbing, or these hunting for some thing a lot more comfy for extended days in the alpine.

With only slight hesitation about the thin waist strap, I would advise this harness to any one.

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