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August 8th, 2019

Sara Rozanski Sets New NTI Ladies’ Record at Camp Perry

Women's ladies trophy Camp Perry High Power Sara Rozanski
In setting a Women’s record at the 2019 Nat’l Trophy Person Match, Sara beat 987 other shooters. Only 4 competitors, all males, had greater scores.

Women's ladies trophy Camp Perry High Power Sara RozanskiThis lady can shoot! At this year’s National Trophy Person Match (NTI) at Camp Perry, the pretty talented Sara Rozanski sent an all-time record for female competitors. Sara shot a stellar 496-22X, a new record score for lady shooters. That record-breaking overall performance won Sara the Women’s Trophy at the CMP National Matches.

“It felt awesome to be in a position to pull it collectively and execute well”, Rozanski told reporters. Rozanski’s overall performance eclipsed the prior women’s record of 496-19X set by the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit’s Amanda Elsenboss in 2017. Sara completed fifth general in the 2019 NTI.

“It’s an honor to set a new women’s record considering that the level of competitors is so higher. It offers a single a sense of accomplishment recognizing you are competing against the very best competitors this sport has to offer”, Rozanski mentioned. By stages, Rozanski scored 100-2X standing, 98-2X speedy sitting, 99-6X speedy prone, and 199-12X prone at the 600-yard line.

Women's ladies trophy Camp Perry High Power Sara Rozanski
Camp Perry consists of rifle ranges out to 1,000 yards. Camp Perry boasts a single of the longest continuous firing lines in the planet.

Amongst all NTI competitors, Sara completed fifth general right after tie-breakers, just a single point out of initial spot and 4 points from a great score of 500. Only 4 other competitors (all males) beat her 496-22X tally. A total of 992 competitors fired in this year’s NTI match, so Sarah completed ahead of 987 other shooters. That is mighty impressive!

A native of Toledo, Ohio, just 28 miles from Camp Perry, Rozanski has been competing in Higher Energy rifle events considering that she was 16 years old, when she began with the M1A, the semi-automatic civilian equivalent of the Army’s M14 rifle. Rozanski serves as the Civilian Marksmanship Program’s Higher Energy rifle system coordinator in Port Clinton, Ohio.

Women's ladies trophy high Power Camp Perry Sara Rozanski

National Trophy Person Match
The NTI course of fire has no sighters. It begins with 10 shots standing slow fire at 200 yards, followed by 10 shots sitting (or kneeling) speedy fire in 60 seconds at 200 yards. This is followed by 10 shots prone speedy fire in 70 seconds at 300 yards. The match concludes with 20 shots prone slow fire with a time limit of 20 minutes at 600 yards.

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